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Monohawks edition Riddles


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Monohawks edition will be quite challeging can you solve them?


Riddle 1 solved

Riddle 2 solved

Riddle 3 solved


Riddle 4: A man and a women just got married. As soon as they were married they went to a fancy dinner place in town. After that they went home. The following days her husband kept getting bigger and bigger. And he always have some crumbs on him when he got home. How did he get so big?


Riddle 5: A submarine is under water with no enemys about. Red dot is for enemy and green is for allie. One day they where hit by something but nothing was on the radar. when they looked at the damage, one part of the rubber of the ship was sliced of in a perfect half circle. What could of have made the ship lose some of its rubber.

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Riddle 1: A man claims to see a fight between 2 men and tells his friends, but those to men where alone though. So how would the man know what happen if those 2 where alone? Was in TV....


Riddle 2: A animal was sleeping when someone was looking at it. The next day that person came back

and saw that it was gone but left normal size foot prints of a human. What was the thing he saw? a person...


Riddle 3: A huge diamond was found by 2 workers. They said theyll get it tommorow. While on there way, one of the workers said he was going on vacation, so the other had to move it by himself. But when he got there, the huge diamond shrinked to a 2 inch diamond. What happen to the diamond? one of the workers replaced the diamond...

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