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Galaxy Slasher

Lazer Yoshi

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Hello YCM members! My newest card, and I hope you enjoy. The pic was found off of Wolf's Pic Thread on here. If you complain about the pic, expect me to turn a little bitter. Anyways, enjoy.


Effect: This monster can only be Speical Summoned by tributing 2 LIGHT Warrior-Type Monsters on your side of the field. When this Monster is Speical Summoned, put 5 "Star" Counters on this card. Each time this card declares an Attack, place one "Star" Counter on this card. By removing 10 "Star" Counters from this card, destroy all cards on the Field(except this card) and Halve both Player's Life Points.


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a tad overpowered:


first, you can special summon it, and with the new light monsters out there it will be alomst easy to get on the field....


second, when you summon it you are already half way to what you need in counters.


third, you get to destroy ALL, including half the players' life points!


fourth, from the last effect, she survives! if your opponent had 5000 life points (or less) before the previous effect, all the cards would be gone, theyd only have 2500 LP (or less) and then this card can take em out!!


way overpowered....




nice pic though, it fits. ^_^

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