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My first kingdom hearts card


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Nope, that didn't work. I tried adding the correct IMG format above, because it was obviously done incorrectly at the top, but now I see that the wrong link was posted, instead of the IMG one.


RM8, don't be so brash. It's obvious that he accidentally put the wrong link. There's no need to lock this topic, unless the creator can't provide us with the card soon.


Furthermore, I'd like to bring up the point that it's not the job of regular members to decide when topics need to be locked or not. That's the job of the moderators. If it needs to be done, they'll get around to it. After all, if they see spam in this topic, I think they'll know to take care of it without you help. If anything, your post here is the spam.


He posted a direct link, so I went to it and found the picture. Here it is:




Hmm..there's no background and it has no support (as well as a short description), but it's got a decent picture, so I'll give it a 3/5. I'm sure that you can do better than this, MatzeNanko.


See, wasn't that a lot more productive than being a complete jerk, RM8?

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