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Negima! Deck


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It's Still uncompleted, Magic & trap cards will be posted soon.


- Sorry if my english is not good -


[spoiler=Nodoka - Setsuna]2hww1v.jpg2ptv7m8.jpg



[spoiler=Yue - Iincho]xlm3y1.jpgrhv0jp.jpg



[spoiler=Makie - Ku fei]2ch42ki.jpg1zg7te.jpg



[spoiler=Chachamaru - Setsuna]2ylp8qx.jpg4kh506.jpg



[spoiler=Konoka - Fuuka & Fumika]5d5aia.jpg2zyyg6s.jpg



[spoiler=Chisame - Kaede]xmiath.jpg34y1vu8.jpg



[spoiler=Kasumi - Haruna]1zl7k15.jpg2a7hqww.jpg



[spoiler=Ako - Zazie]f05gro.jpg155pd6u.jpg



[spoiler=Sakurako - Akira]5n0tiq.jpg5wa2p0.jpg



[spoiler=Sayo - Hakase]r0wml5.jpg4l0bwl.jpg



[spoiler=Negi - Negi's Partner]2uz43y9.jpg2zzuo15.jpg



[spoiler=Haruna's Tokens]33kdppg.jpg


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