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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Reverse Tales


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*It's a stormy day at Duel Academy. Jaden and Syrus are dueling in their room. The new kid, Ryan, is sleeping, and Chazz is eating. Blaire is admiring Jaden.*


Jaden: Ready, Sy? I activate Polymerization!


Syrus: Not so fast, J! I activate Magic Jammer. I'll discard Gyroid to jam Polymerization!


Jaden: Nice one, Syrus! But I still have Sparkman on the field, so I'll attack! And THAT'S game!


*Syrus and Jaden place their cards away. Blaire and Jaden cuddle with eachother.*


Syrus: So you guys are DATING?


Jaden: Hey, I got no one else...cept for Alexis....and Mindy.....and Jasmine...and every other girl at Duel Academy.


Syrus: Whatever. I should get back to my dorm. Later, Jaden. Later, Blaire.


Jaden: Later, man.


*Suddenly, Ryan opens the door.*


Ryan: Jaden, Syrus! Alexis and Bastion just called. They said to get to the Gym, and quick.


Chazz: Hurry up! This is really important!


--To Be Continued--

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*Jaden, Ryan, Syrus and Chazz find Bastion and Alexis. The storm is terrible. Ra Yellow's Ace, Coby, and Johnny are also their. They're all staring at somekind of portal.*


Alexis: Come here, guys!


Jaden: What is it?


Bastion: I don't know. A portal to another demension?


Ryan: How bout Johnny, Ace, Coby, and I go in?


Syrus: You sure?


Ace: Yeah, we're fine it. We might just get our game on in there.


Jaden: K, bro.


*Ace jumps in. Johnny, Coby, and Ryan follow.*


Syrus: Ya know what, Jaden? I see the family resemblence between you and Ace.


Jaden: Well he is my bro.....


*Meanwhile, in the portal...*


Ace: Woah....where are we?


Johnny: Hmm.....I don't---quick hide!


*The foursome hide, just as some army men with duel disks come by.*


Army Man 1: Did you hear something?


Army Man 2: Yes. And there's something in the bushes.


Coby: @&%*!


Army Man 1: Busted, kid!


--To Be Continued--

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Army Man 1: That's it, kid. Get up!


Army Man 2: Ya wanna live? Ya gotta duel.


Ace: Coby, c'mon. You and me were undefeated at DA. Practically the best tag team duelists at school.


Coby: Let's do this!


Coby and Ace: 8000

Army Men: 8000


Coby: I'll start!


*Coby draws and plays Neo Blaster (FIRE-Pyro-1700/1450) in ATK mode. He plays 2 cards face down and ends his turn.*


Army Man 1: That's all you have? This'll be easier than I thought!


*Army Man draws and summons Ebon Magical Curran in ATK mode. He ends.*


Ace: Looks like I'm up! Let's throw down!


*Ace draws then he summons Nightmare Hero Kunai. (Dark-Warrior/Effect-1900/0)


Ace: With Kunai's effect, I can discard 2 cards from my hand to inflict 1400 points of Direct Damage!


Army Men: 6600


Ace: I'll finish off by throwing down 1 face-down! Your move!


Army Man 2: Okay. Let's do this!


*Army Man 2 draws a card. Then he summons Dancing Fairy in DEF position.*


Army Man 2: I'll play 1 face-down to end.


Coby: Check it! I draw. And now I'll activate my Spell Card, Neon Ray! I tribute 1 Neo Blaster to attack directly with N. Hero Kunai!


*Kunai attacks, but the Army Mens helmets fly off the heads. THAT reveals the truth....*


--To Be Continued--

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*The gaurds helmet flew off. It turned out that they weren't men at all! They were girls!*


Coby and Ace: Woah!


Girl 1: Forget this duel!


Girl 2: Yah! Just bring em in!


Ryan: What?


*The two girls, who can barely be seen, hancuff the foursome and throw them into a long, pink corridor.*


Ryan: Where are we?


Johnny: Yeah? What is this place.


Ryan: I just said that...


Girl 2: Just keep walking.


*They gang ended up in a lighted room. There was a throne and 8 pods on each side of the room. A women with brown hair and a pink jacket sat on the throne.*


Woman on throne: Welcome..BOYS. This is the Pink Dorm.


Ace: A pink dorm? I thought it was only Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obilesk Blue....


Woman: Where are you from? 3 years ago.


*Suddenly, Ryan realizes that they're at Duel Academy in the FUTURE!*


Ace: Well what do you want?


Woman: Nothing. Just sign this.


*Ace and the others sign. But being 13, they didn't read it.*


Woman: Girls, place them in the pods. They'll bring you home.


*Ace, Ryan, Johnny, and Coby are tossed into the pods.*




*Girls and Woman laugh.The gang blacks out. They wake up in another pink room, on tables. They're not the same, and they're clothes, decks, and duel disks are gone.*


Ace: Huh? *looks down.* HOLY %#(&! WE'RE GIRLS!


--To Be Continued--

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*A group of girls come in.*


Girl 1: He woke up.


Girl 2: Get some sleeping gas.


*Ace blacks out. He wakes up in girls clothes. His deck has been switched. He has a pink duel disk. Heck, he can barley be a 'he'!*


Ace: What'd you do with my friends?


Girl 4: Relax, girl.


Ace: I'm a guy! NOT A *$%&ING GIRL!


Girl 4: I said relax.


Ace: If you tell me what's going on.


Girl 3: Fine. We're the Pink Dorm. We invaded Duel Academy to turn all of the boys here into sweet, innocent, fabulous girls!


Girl 4: And after Duel Academy, it's gonna be the world!


Girl 3: Girl's just wanna have fun, and that's what we're doing!


*Girls laugh*


Ace: Oh, please.

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