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(RPG)Pokemon Mystery Dungeons: Ultimate Rescue


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Okay we should all be familiar with the basic "Mystery Dungeon" Theme.


If not, then your in luck. You form or join an already established rescue team.

Sign Up in my other thread!


1. [spoiler=Team Evolution]

1.eevee (Blue Flame)

2. riolu (BlueFlame)

3. Magby (BlueFlame)

4. Growlithe (Holoky1)

5. Totodile (king r-dawg)

6. Houndoor (Holoky1)


2. [spoiler=Team Leagcy]

1. Chimchar (notsohandyman)

















[spoiler=Terror Team List]










[spoiler=Entry Form(do not put in this thread)]

Pokemon: (which pokemon are you? You start as level 5 and work your way up so it cannot be a legendary or evolved pokemon)

gender: (male or female or other [refers to Voltorb & others of that sort])


rescue team: (what team you are on their are only fifteen team spaces. If you are team leader come up with an original name. If not, then put the name of one of the above teams)

moves: go to Serebii.net click on the D/P Pokedex link on the top/left side and take 4 moves that are under lv 5



[spoiler=Dungeons][spoiler=Town Areas]Hot Springs (floors=4 pkm lvs= 2-4)

Town Pier (Floors 6 pkmn lvs= 2-6)

Town Sewers(8 Floors Poke'lvs=4-10)

Honshu Town (Floors=6 Poke'Lv 10-13/Boss Area:1Floor Boss:Ghastly

[spoiler=Desert Areas]coming soon!

[spoiler=Sea Areas]coming soon!

[spoiler=Mountain Areas]coming soon!

[spoiler=Legendary Areas]coming soon!

[spoiler=Forest Areas]Disaster Forrest(floors=10 pkmn lvs=7-14)

Musical Forrest(floors=14 pkmn lvs= 8-16)

[spoiler=Wasteland Areas]coming soon!




[spoiler=Outlaws][spoiler=Double Trouble]Weaville & HaunterWeavile.pnghaunter.png






People still tell tales of the marvelous rescue team of the past to the young ones, "Well it was two pokemon who formed a rescue team and stopped a meteorite from crashing into the planet!"


Eevee and Riolu ran around, "Let's form are own rescue team! We can use the abandoned house on the west of town for a base!" Riolu said playfully.


And thus began the adventures of Team Evolution..........



"Hey, Riolu, wake up!" Eevee called to Riolu, "The mayor called a Rescue Team Meeting!"

Riolu and Eevee walked outside to hear that they were reintroducing the Pelliper Postal System. They heard it was one way of getting rescue team requests back in the old days.....

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ooC: pfffffttttt Holoky.... Why did you post your thing here?




"Hi Growlithe, Wanna join our Rescue Team?" Riolu said as he saw his friend Growlithe "So?"


A Pelliper flew overhead toward the base, "C'mon follow us!"


"Look Out for two dangerous criminals on the loose:Weavile.pnghaunter.png"


"Oh My god! we should start training if we are going to go after them

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"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....HUH!!???!!?? ...Did you say something?" Said the tired and confused Growlithe.


Just then the chief Houndoom came by. "Did I hear that someone wanted to go after dangerous criminals?"

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ooC: just asking what chief? You mean like a mayor? or like a chief of the thing? I am the leader of our rescue team


Bic: "Growlithe! We want you to join our rescue team!" Magby shot off at Growlithe, "I can't believe you were sleeping while an important meeting was going on!"


Just then, Pelliper flew overhead dropping letters. Eevee ran over to one and read aloud, "Anyone wishing to go into pursuit of the criminals is to stop by the Magnezone Armour Emporium."

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While the group was going to Magnezone Armour Emporium, Growlithe shrugged, "I didn't get any sleep last night because of this racket coming from the pier.......zzzzzz...HUH!!??!!?? I'm sorry guys............" and with that, Growlithe fell asleep. This just wasn't his day...

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Growlithe later accepted after the team had accepted to take a mission with Growlithe as the client.


1st Mission! Stop The Noise At The Pier

client: Growlithe

reward: 200 pk + membership



ooC: Timeskip to near End of mission


"Huh, a bunch of Mankey? They must be the noisemakers!" Magby said as he released his ember on the Mankey that was 10 ft. in front of him. "Now, triple combo! Tackle, Quick Attack, Ember" All three, Riolu, Eevee, and Magby dashed out and went full force on the Mankey.


Back at City Hall, Eevee handed a Membership Card to Growlithe

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"For me?" Growlithe asked bluntly. Growlithe new he wanted it... but he wasn't sure if he earned it. "Hey Eevee," Growlithe whispered, "Are you sure I earned this?" There was a pause that unsettled Growlithe. "Listen, I'd like to go on an easy mission alone before going to the tough ones with you," Growlithe explained, "Just to make sure that I can handle things if they got rough."

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

"Dang it!" Gardevoir hissed, snapping out of her psychic trance.


"What?" Tyranitar questioned immediately, somewhat alarmed.


"There should be a rescue team somewhere around those springs," she explained.


"Oh, come ON!" Metagross complained, smashing its massive leg into the ground. "We KNOW HM Rock Smash is at the bottom of the springs, if we could just get IN!" It stomped again. "We've been waiting for days!"


"Hang on..." Gardevoir interrupted suddenly. After a while, she snapped out of her trance with news. "It's just a team of newbies. We can go ahead." As the other three celebrated, she began to float towards the door, followed enthusiastically by the rest of team Zero Death.


~Outlaw Team Zero Death has entered Hot Springs.~

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At Town Hall, Mayor Gallade was making an announcement. Team Evolution went out to check what has happened.


"It has happened again. The 'Double Trouble' has struck a small town near ours," Gallade said, "Someone needs to stop them."


"We will!" Eevee said.

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