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First try at a Holo card (update next go)


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I have been reading through tutorials a decided to try out holo effects.


This image was found through google images It has been on my hard drive for some time unfortionatly I do not know the artist and do not claim this work as my own.






The art in the card is not my own I have added the holo effects from the tutorial section of this site.





Randro art (Raining)by Jennie Hålén Elfwood artist



Can you give me feedback on how the Holo effect looks have used microsoft digital image suite.



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the card is good, and the holo is good, but a way to try and spice it up would be to edit out some of the holo sheet in some areas, like the face. it would make it look wayyy better. ^_^


9/10 for the card,

7.7/10 for the holo

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Guest KAJN

I really think you've waisted the picture. You must just hologram the BackGround or he Shiny bits.

Some OCG errors but good try.

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