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I'm... I dunno if I qualify for new, 'cause I registered long ago and posted once...>_>

I like dueling. (That's an obvious comment!)


I'm slightly hyper.

So, yeah...>_>


I'm an odd child, so don't mind me too much.

My name's Luis Nagisa, and I'm a writer (not officially). I've written a few yugiou fanfics, and I'll probably post them here.

Hope I enjoy it here!


P.S.: I love Toons!

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Welcome to YCM Airlines ^.^


My Name is Mr. President Mc King Frlf, and i will be your pilot!


Read the rules to get on the plane to be a good member


if you don't read the rules, you will go to the spammers airplaine and i will eat your children :twisted:


anyways, enjoy ur stay at YCM, as some people call it, Heaven*


feel free to drop me a PM if you have any doubt about the forum




*Not really, welcome to hell :twisted:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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