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Ms paint trainer Card Tutorial

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I have seen a lot of people trying to make pokemon trainer cards and boy i see no effort... so what i am doing is teaching those people and also teaching the people who make it from pokecharms and then also sell it. Thtas when the end up getting banned and so on...


So this tutorial is to help people make really good pokemon trainer cards and i warn you this is very simple lol



1. Open up ms paint and open up a trainer card template (posted some at the bottom if you need any).



2. After you have opened your template select the six squares inside and copy and paste them below the template.



3. Then get your select tool and delete everything inside the six squares and any background between your squares. (below your template) so you have six blank gray squares.



4. Then get your six favorite sprites from here and copy and paste your first one into a square.



5. Then erase all parts outside of your square that your pokemon is touching. (but not any other squares). Be sure too use the eyedropper tool if you need to erase the pokemon from the square outlines.



6. Then do the same with the rest until you have six pokemon in all of the squares.



7. Then after you have had them all finished select your six squares and move it over the original six squares and you will have a half done trainer card!


8. Now using the pokemon text posted below the tutorial copy and paste letters into your name part of the trainer card.


9. Then use the badges posted below this tutorial and copy and paste them into your trainer card.


10. Now you are free to add a trainer and others...



Pokemon Text



Pokemon Badges



Pokemon Trainer Crad Templates (found on google)







Finished Product


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