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Do you think the title of this fic is somewhat original?  

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They say the Pharoah protected our lands for many of years. He ruled with utmost power as the Egyptian Gods remained at his side. But what if, things were never what they seemed?


I need volunteers! I will be playing the Dark Pharoah. Any who wish to join may. . .but at your own risk. If you join, towards the end of the fic, there will be a tournament. The last standing will face me, the Dark Pharoah.


The first of you to join will recieve a plus rep. I will be accepting up to 15 characters; submit your character with the form below:




Deck Type:

Character role (good guy or bad guy):




At the age of 13, little Yugi Moto considered himself unnoticied and alone, excluding the company of his friends. Little did he know, he was about to drastically change, inside and out.


"I've almost completed the puzzle! Wow, Grampa is gonna be so proud," Yugi exclaimed with the utmost excitement. But in the other room. . .


"Mr. Moto." Grampa looked up to find one of his members of his exploration team to be in his card shop's doorway. "Ah, Malcolm. What can I do for you this evening?" He was jolly old man, somewhat like Saint Nick, but he's only a fairy tale. Grampa was in his late 50's. He had a sort of salt 'n pepper kinda of hair coloring, and blue-greyish eyes. His smile warmed the hearts of many, but not for long. . .


"We have a problem Mr. Moto. Back at the research lab we were contacted by Mr. Pegasus. He had the best scientific researchers around the world to do more investigating on the Egyptian items that you found. . ." Malcolm was suddenly quiet. "Yes Malcolm, what is it? Is something wrong?" Gramps looked worried.


"I'm afraid so Mr. Moto. These so called 'revered' Egyptian items are not used for the good that was once thought to bring peace to our world." Grampa's hair stood up in horror, "Wha-what do you mean?"


"They are meant to revive an evil Egyptian ruler. They are meant for EVIL. . ."


*Back in Yugi's Room*


"I've done it! I've completed the Millenium Puz-" The ground shook, taking Yugi by surprise. "What's going on? Grampa?" "Mmhmmhahahaha!"


"Who's there?!" Yugi was now more afraid than he had ever been in his entire life. Darkness was now surrounding Yugi, engulfing his entire room. "Thank you Yugi. I am revived, and now, I must properly thank you." The voice, whoever it was, didn't want to thank Yugi the way he would want to be thanked. "Who are you?!" The person stepped from the darkness, revealing his true form. "Who am I? I am the soon to be conquerer of this world. But never mind that, you can no longer witness what is to become. I shall seal you inside the Millenium Puzzle!"


"What?! Noooooooo!" And within the blink of an eye, he had vanished, and morphed into one with the Millenium Puzzle. "Excellent. Now, to let my reign of terror begin. But first, I'll need some help, from the creatures of the Dark World." With a flick of his wrist, the mysterious character conjured up a purple and gold duel disk. What appeared to be his deck, appeared in the deck slot. Then with a snap of his fingers, he had left the shop, and ventured off to acheive his first goal. . ."Find and kill Seto Kaiba."


*20 minutes later*


He approached Kaiba Corp Headquarters. It was dark and disclosed except for a lone room, high up, with a light on. "That must be him. This shouldn't take long." He decided there was no need to cause a disturbance, yet. He used his dark and mysterious powers to teleport inside of the building, and he accessed the elevator.


As he soared to the 32nd floor, his eyes began to glow an eerie green. "Hmm, I since a Millenium item. Yeeessss, I'm one step closer to achieving my goal." He reached the 32nd floor. He could see the light peering under the nearest door. He approached the door, opening it carefully. "Ah, I've been expecting you, Atem." Atem peered from us dark gloomy brows to find Maximiilon Pegasus staring at him. "You! You posses the Millenium eye?! And it was YOUR ancestors that sealed me away for 5000 years!"


"Mm, yes. But enough introductions, we must seal you away once more." His eye began to glow, and Pegasus could since Atem's power rising. "Not this time, I'm prepared for you." He whipped out his sinister duel disk. "Yes, I know of your technology. But that matters not. . ."


"You are correct, it matters not," said Pegasus as he removed a crimson red, and white duel disk from a nearby suitcase.


Pegasus and Atem together-DUEL!



[spoiler=Chapter One-Death of a King]

Pegasus: I'll start. *draws a card* Hmm, *I'd better play it safe for a turn or two. Only my ancestors have defeated Atem, not me.* I'll lay down two face-down cards. Then I'll set a monster in defensive position. It's your turn.


Atem: Don't get spiffy with me Pegasus, I can read your mind! *draws a card* Excellent. I'll activate a Spell card, Nobleman of Cross Nightmare. Unlike Nobleman of Crossout, not only does your monster get removed, but you lose Life Points equal to its ATK points!


Pegasus: 8000


Atem: Why didn't you lose Life Points?


Pegasus: Because my monster had 0 ATK points. Are you done? It was only a stall anyway. . .


Atem: No, I'm not through with you yet. I'll summon this, Gene-Warped War Wolf, Night mare, in attack position!


Gene-Warped War Wolf, Nightmare: 2200 ATK, 0 DEF


Atem: Next, Il'' activate Heavy Storm! Say good bye to your face-down cards!


Pegasus' cards are destoryed.


Atem: Now, I'll set two face-downs of my own. And I activate this, Nightmare Zone! All Nightmare monsters I control gain 300 ATK points. Making my Warwolf, 2500! Now, attack! Nightmare Howl!


Pegasus: LP 5500


Atem: Your move, Maximillion.


Pegasus: Grr, never insult me by calling of my first name! *draws a card* I activate Spell Economics, now I don't have to pay to activate Spell Cards. I also play Toon World! Now I Special Summon Cyber Toon Dragon! And I'll tribute it to bring forth my newest toon, Raiza the Toon Monarch!


Raiza: 2400 ATK, 1000 DEF


Atem: It's still not enough to bring down my War Wolf, and with my Nightmare Zone Field Spell, your monster loses 1000 ATK points!


Raiza: 1400 ATK


Pegasus: No matter, because my Toon has a special effect. When tribute Summoned, I can return one card on my opponent's field to the bottom of their deck. So say good bye to your Warwolf. Now, Raiza, attack his Life Points, Silly Spinny Tornado!


Atem: LP 6600


Pegasus: That ends my turn.


Atem: Pathetic. Toon monsters are PATHETIC! *draws a card*


Pegasus: How dare you?! My toons will anihlate you!


Atem: *Excellent. The more rage he feels, the stronger I become.* Fool. I summon this, Barrier Statue of Nightmare! Now only Nightmare monsters can be Special Summoned, so your Toons are now useless. I also activate Swords of Nightmare, revealing all cards in your hand. And, if you have any Spell cards or Trap card in your hand for the next 4 turns, they are removed from the game.


Pegasus' hand is revealed, and shows Mirror Force, Toon Safety Sheild, Toon Summoned Skull, And Toon Gemini Elf. Mirror Force and Toon Safety Sheild are removed.


Atem: Now, I play one last card, Axe of Nightmare! Giving my Barrier Statue 1500 more ATK points!


Barrier Statue: 2500 ATK


Atem: Attack his Raiza, Nightmare Crush!


Pegasus: Ah! LP 4400


Atem: At this rate, I'll defeat you in three more turns. It's your move *mockingly* Maximillion.


Pegasus: You disgust me. *draws a card*


Atem: Thank you. Now me show me the card you just drew!


A monster. Pegasus was relieved.


Atem: Lucky you.


Pegasus: I set this monster. That's. . .all I can do.


Atem: So this is the great Maximillion Pegasus? Giving up? Hahahaha! *draws a card* It's over, Pegasus. I activate this, Nightmare Seal Release! I add two Nightmare monster cards from my deck to my hand. Know what they are? The last two pieces to Nightmare Exodia!!!


The Exodia Star appears in the air. But its not as shiny as its meant to be. Instead, its black Exodia is formed, and Pegasus himself begins to disappear.


Nightmare Exodia: INF ATK, INF DEF


Pegasus: I've never felt any shadow power like this. What's going on?!




Pegasus: LP 0. No, please! No!


The Millenium Eye falls to the ground. Atem retreived the Millenium item, and began to leave the room, while Pegasus' body remain motionless, lifeless. "My work HERE is done. Now, where's Kaiba? Mwhahahaha!" His dark and evil laugh echoed through the building, and he teleported to make his exit. He was now on the ground floor.


"Freeze!" It was a S.W.A.T. Team, and Atem was surrounded. "You can't stop me." He began to walk through, and with a mystic force he blew the officers away, and he was gone.


*Meanwhile, just outside of Domino City*


"Domino City huh? But what about Yugi? Why would he be there?" Looking like he had just gotten out of bed, Joey was yammering on to Kaiba.


"Because you knitwit, my Headquarters was ransacked by Policemen last night, and Pegasus was found there, dead. Round up a group of your friends, we'll need them."


=======> This is where you guys come in! Joey needs to get a bunch of his friends, and if someone would like to, you can play as Kaiba or Joey. Next time, "Chapter 2-An Unwanted Advesary"


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I appreciate your honesty. And to be honest, ive run out of story chapter plots somewhat. If i dont get a pm in two days, ill ask one of the mods to lock it. Maybe ill try to think of something different.

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