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Answer Found, Lock, Please

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Okay, here's the question. It has 2 parts:


Take card "A - Man", where A is the archetype and Man is the specific card. Now, take card "B A - Woman", where B is another word in the title and Woman is the specific card. Does a card that specifically affects the A archetype, which includes "A - Man", affect "B A - Woman" as well? Also, can a card be made to affect "B A - Woman", but not "A - Man"?


10 points if you solve a part; 20 if you solve both!

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1st: if the the B A in B A - Womens name isnt one word then yes.

2nd: yes, that is if the card thats effect says B A and not just A, this will only effect the A monsters with the B in its name and not the ones without it.



Example: the six samurai


each of the six has :The Six Samurai in front of its name. grandmaster dosnt but still has "The Six smaurai at the end his name" because of it he is effected by all the arch type card effects that the rest of the six are "shein castle of mist...ect"


point: just because "the six samurai" isnt in the same place as the others are dosnt mean he isnt effected by the same archetype effecting things that the rest are. its in his name and thats all there is to it

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