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LumaLover'z Wittle Game!


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Hi everyone. If you saw my other thread, Rosalina Cards~!, I would like someone like a Mod or someone to delete it....thanksies. :3 Anyways, here is a game or something I made up. I will add my cards that I made, and you guys can make up cards to compliment it or something. For example, I made a card of Princess Rosalina, a Princess of the Mario Series. To go with it, someone could make a Peach card. Once I get 10 cards for one Catagory, the first Card-Maker on this thread can choose the next Catagory!

Here is my Rosalina card, and if someone could rate it, since it's my only second card?


P.S: When I saved it, my first card wasn't saved in that box thingy. Was it because I used another comp? Thanks! :D And how do I post a card like just an Image, not as an Attachment?


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Here's what you do. Copy the image and save it to an image file like Paint. Consider converting it to a JPEG instead of a BMP to save on space. Then, go to www.tinypic.com or any other image uploading site, and upload your image. Then, copy the IMG code, and post it into your post. That's all there is to it.


By the way, I gave your card a 2/5. And, I think you mean "complement", not "compliment".




Art credit goes to SigurdHosenfeld of DeviantART.

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