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can some one comment on my deck.

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dust tornado x 3

thunder of ruler x 1

return of the six samurai x 1

pikeru's second sight x 1

trap jammer x 1

sakuretsu armor x 1

legacy of yata-garasu x 1

attack and receive x 3

negate attack x 1

ominous fortunetelling x 1

forced requisition x 1

bottomless trap hole x 1

snake fang x 1

altar for tribute x 1


inaba white rabbit x 1

fushi no tori x 1

thoisand-eyes idol x 1

six samurai-zanji x 1

six samurai - yariza x 1

yomi ship x 2

marshmallon x 2

wicked avatar x 1

patrician of darkness x 1

neo-spacian glow moss x 1

six samurai-irou x 1

elemental hero avian x 1

elemental hero wiledheart x 1

blockman x 1

chaos sorcerer x 1


mystical space typhoon x 3

dark hole x 1

meteor of destruction x 1

pot of greed x 1

metamorphosis x 1

shield crush x 1

polymerization x 1

stray lambs x 1

change of heart x 1

magic reflector x 1

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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