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DSD. Darth and Simplicity's first set


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Guest KAJN

[align=center]OK this is just a card that I call an emblem of me Darth and DJ. So have fun and comment. I made the card replacement in Photoshop.









This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned while you have 1 "Seyvelin, Dimensional Caster", "Daias, the Hollowed Sorcerer" and "Creator of Electron, Elemtro" removed from play. Each turn you must choose one of the following:

± Use one of the three chosen monster's Effects.

± Use 1 removed from play card's ATK and DEF.

± Use another name for this card.

± Equip this card to another monster.

± Increase this cards ATK by 200.

If 1 of the chosen cards is returned to your field, Graveyard, hand or Deck, this card is removed from play. You can remove from play 1 "Creator of Electron, Elemtro", equip this card to 1 "Daias, the Hollowed Sorcerer" or "Seyvelin, Dimensional Caster" on your field.





Darth Saber: Many thanks for Browarod for fixing this effect.





During your Standby Phase while this card is in face-up Attack Position, put 1 Darthon Counter on this card (max 4). Once per turn, you can remove any number of Darthon Counters from this card to activate the appropriate effect:

± 1: This card gains 200 ATK.

± 2: Return 1 card on the field to it's owner's hand.

± 3: Return 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard to your Deck. (The Deck is then shuffled)

± 4: Return 1 Monster Card from your Graveyard to your Deck. (The Deck is then shuffled)

When a Level 3 monster is Flip Summoned successfully, this card's ATK becomes the ATK of the Flip Summoned monster, and that monster must attack this card.


The seal of DSD



DSD, Chain Structure



OK: Restructure type is a type that can choose what it will be (Warrior, Fish,etc). When they are equipped with another monster(the monster must be named in the card), that monster takes it's effect.

[spoiler=Required Cards]






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Youve done it again Simplicity Ninja. Awesome new cards. The equip card is nicely done in originality, quality, and pic wise. Its also well balanced. As for the last one, the quick play, straight up awesome. 15/10 for all

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