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good evil unicorn set


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Please edit your first post, some people might not see this one.



  • Land Beast Beast
  • You can attack your opponents life points directly This card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly.
  • When this card destroys one of your opponent's cards, When this card destroys one of your opponent's monsters by battle,
  • it raises the att by 300 and def by 200 raise the ATK of this card by 300 and the DEF of this card by 200.
  • Evil Unicorn "Evil Unicorn" (in the effect)
  • Evil Unicorn Grunt's effect cannot exist.
  • (Lower the ATK and DEF of those cards, attacking directly and gaining ATK and DEF is something very owerpowered)

Average rating: 6/10. Great pics :D

And don't post polls like "do you like" and stuff.

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