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Doomcaliber Knight: Discussion (2)

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Guest Star

First of all, I think this is an amazing card.


I really want to get 3, but that's going to be challenging.


Now, I don't think this card should be limited or banned, but I do think if used correctly, this card can be devastating.



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Guest setojim

Doomcaliber knight has its own deck at 3. He is an insane monster but not ban or limit worthy. Semi is the Farthest it would ever go.

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Godly card is godly.


I'm going to make a new type of Anti-Meta deck that runs this and Raiou in threes, re-using their negation by making them Zombies! They are also both beatsticks which comes out perfect for that deck.


Any suggestions anyone?

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Guest setojim


that deck would clash too much w/ itself. Itd be too busy fighting off itself while the opponent's dad or jd is just sittin there waiting to have turn.


just running a deck all on its own w/ cali and raiou would be so evil


Heres a decklist i came up with and i actually killed top tier decks w/ it:


20 monsters


2 cyber dragon

3 doomcaliber knight

3 thunderking

3 banisher of radiance

1 spirit reaper

2 light and darkness dragon

3 fossil dyna pachycephalo

3 protecter of the sanctuary


12 spells


3 burden of the mighty

3 deck lockdown

1 heavy storm

1 smashing ground

3 shrink

1 shield crush


10 traps


1 mirror force

1 torrential tribute

3 solemn judgment

3 dark bribe

1 trap dustshoot

1 mind crush

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With the possibility of this card coming out in Dark Legends, I've decided to bump this thread instead of creating a new one.


I was looking for one of my old TCG threads to bump, and this is the one I chose.


Would this card be run more if it was available to everyone?

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