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Epic Fail...My unfortunate luck in a tourney...

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So I enter this tourney with my Fairy-Counter Deck (for $h1ts and giggles).

-Epic MISTAKE!!-(I skipped all the nonsense)

~First round~

Me (Fairy-Counter) vs. Some old man (Chimeratech Turbo!)

...I win...

~Second Round~

Little German kid (Demise+Doom Dozer...XD) vs. Me (Fairy-Counter)

...I win!!!...

And I win some more...but just to not bore you some more...

~Like 8th Round~

Little German kid's mom! (Phantom-Rainbow Dark Dragon OTK Deck) vs. Me (Fairy-Counter)

...I lose!!!...


She played Reasoning and killed her whole deck with plenty of monsters like Demise, Relinquished, and many cards that cannot Special Summoned, etc. (You get the point.) Her deck...in the Graveyard. I have my field set with 2 Gellenduo's (stall for now...). She plays Phantom of Chaos, removes Demise, wipes the field clean, summons Rainbow Dark Dragon, removes enough to make it 8000+ATK, but no...she removes more than that!! She over kills me and I leave the tourney with -15500 Life Points...I'm appalled...*Cries in corner...*

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Dang!! Did you win all the other duels?


I only won 8-9' date=' then I lost by THE GERMAN KID'S MOM.



Wow... Harsh loss!


The worst...especially since I saw the kid lose (becuase I won him) and then I saw his mom...I was destined to win, but it broke my heart if the kids mom would lose. I planned to win, but lost.

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hahaha!! you were owned by a mom!!



ok' date=' sorry for that, but you lost the 2 duels in that way?? bad hand is comprensible on 1 loss, but on 2?? that means bad deck build or bad side deck...



It was win or lose. No matches...my choice (only 1 duel...I felt over confident in this one.), she accepted...I got pwned.

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