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Flaming Justice, a new booster pack - ratings plz

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Here it is Flaming Justice!

The all new booster pack with combos to supplement FIRE DECKS!


I'm new to the card making, so my cards wont be perfect, I'm open to questions, ideas, ratings, comments and suggestions on how to improve my cards.


First I'll start with the main cards...

Including the strongest card in this pack, Flaming Black Dragon and the cards required to summon it.



Flaming Black Dragon - Ultimate Rare

This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned except by the effect of "Dragon Fire Shaping". When this card destroys a monster as a result of battle special summon it to your side of the field in the end phase and it's attribute becomes "fire".



Flaming Earth - Ultimate Rare

Increase the Attack of all fire type monsters by 300 points. When a fire type monster is summoned (including special summon) put 1 flame counter on this card. If this card would be removed from the field by a card effect or by another field card being played you can remove 1 flame counter from this card to negate the effect of that card and destroy it.



Dragon Fire Shaping - common

You can only activate this card when "Flaming Earth" is on your side of the field. Remove 7 flame counters from the active "Flaming earth" to special summon 1 "Flaming Black-Dragon" from your hand, deck or graveyard.



Thats the best card out the way, now i'll just list the monsters...



Flaming Ancient Beast - Super Rare

If there is a face up "Flaming Earth" with 3 or more Heat Counters on your side of the field, then you can special summon this card without tributes. When a fire type monster is sent to the graveyard you can special summon 1 level 4 or lower fire monster from either players graveyard.



Flaming Cat - Rare

When this card inflicts damage to your opponents life points you can put 1 flame counter on a face up "Flaming Earth".



Flaming Demon Wolf - Ultimate Rare

You can normal summon or set this card by substituting Flame Counters for tributes, In this case use 1 flame counter for 1 monster. Whilst this card is face up on the field, in each of your standby phases put one Flame Counter on a face up "Flaming Earth".



Flaming Dino - Secret Rare

Increase the ATK of this card by 300 points for every Flame Counter on the field.



Flaming Fire Bird - Super Rare



Flaming Warrior - Rare



Flaming Warrior Lady - Secret Rare



Ok, now for the spell cards and the trap cards...



Fiery space typhoon - Common

Remove 1 Flame Counter on your side of the field, destroy one spell or trap card on the field.



Fiery space vortex - rare

Remove any number of Flame Counters on your side of the field, destroy spell or trap cards on the field, equal to the amount of Flame Counters you removed.



Super Flaming Blast - Rare

Destroy all cards on your side of the field (except "Flaming Earth") then put Flame Counters on a face up "Flaming Earth" equal to the number of cards destroyed by this effect. This cards activation and effect cannot be negated.



Flaming Eruption - Ultimate Rare

Draw cards from your deck until you pick up a monster card, if the monster is fire type and can be special summoned, then special summon it to your side of the field then send the remaining cards to the graveyard. If the monster cannot be normal summoned or is not Fire type send it to the graveyard aswell.



Heat Burst - Ultra rare

Activate when you take life point damage, for every 500 points of damage you recieve put one flame counter on a face up "Flaming Earth".



Wall of fire - Super Rare



Well there you have it, my Flaming Justice set!

There may be more to come, please rate my cards. Thanks!








DISCLAIMER: I do not know who owns the art, but it isn't mine, credit to the artists, I got them off of google images.

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Super Fiery conversion...

Continuous Spell card

Effect: Pay 1000 life points and tribute 1 fire monster to activate this card. Whilst this card is active, all monsters in both players decks, graveyards, hands and on the field are treated as Fire type.


Keep looking here... More cards sure to come!


DISCLAIMER: This image is off google, it's not mine.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you're booster pack needs at least the yugioh label on it. As for the cards, pretty good. I think the secondary effect of flaming black dragon is what makes it too powerful, with the graveyard summon...and as an FYI, Graveyard should ALWAYS be capitalized.

(I write long replies)

I like how the cards are centered around the Flaming Earth. With these cards, instead of helping a Fire deck, this could BE the Fire deck. your card ideas are good. 8.5/10

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