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wierd batteryman deck

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total cards= 40


monsters= 19


batteryman AA= 3

batteryman D= 2

batteryman micro cell= 3

batteryman charger= 3

batteryman industrial strength= 1

guardian of order= 1

the calculator= 1

marshmallon= 1

morphing jar= 1

sangan= 1

cyber dragon= 2



spells= 15


short circuit= 3

battery charger= 2

quick charger= 1

lightning vortex= 2

premature burial= 1

enemy controller= 2

brain control= 1

heavy storm= 1

monster reborn= 1

mystical space typhoon= 1


traps= 6

portable battery pack= 2

return from a different dimension= 1

bottomless trap hole= 2

torrential tribute= 1


if you have any advice on what to put in or out please tell me!!!

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here is a good deck for batterymen




x3- Batteryman AA

x3- Batteryman Charger

x3- Battery Micro Cell

x2- Batteryman D

x2- Batteryman Industrial Strength

x2- Shining Angel

x1- morphing Jar

x2- Guardian or Order




x3- Short Circuit

x3- Battery Charger

x3- Inferno Reckless Summon

x1- Quick Charger

x1- Foolish Burial

x1- Heavy Storm

x1- Premature Burial

x1- Monster Reborn

x1- MST

x2- Lightning Vortex

x1- Brain Control

x1- Swords of Revealing Light



x1- Portable Battery Pack

x1- Mirror Force

x1- Toential Tribute

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