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Water Gate


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Monsters: 21

3 Ocean dragon lord neo-daedalus

3 Levia dragon daedalus

3 Warrior of atlantis

3 Phantom of chaos

3 Aqua spirit

3 Fenrir

1 Treeborn frog

1 Sangan

1 Poison draw frog



Spells: 14

3 Reasoning

3 Monster gate

3 Legendary ocean

1 Heavy storm

1 Giant trunade

1 Card destruction

1 Monster reborn

1 Premature burial


Traps: 5

1 Mirror force

1 Torrential tribute

3 Solemn judgment


My first thoughts are there are far too many monsters for the reasoning/gate to work properly, despite 9 of them being ones which simply hit the grave (like demise in the conventional build) which is why I like aqua spirits and fenrirs, because the ones that get milled by the gates and reasonings fuel the summoning of any copies I have in hand. Obviously the deck's goal is to use phantom of chaos to copy either daedalus or neo daedalus whilst I have a legendary ocean on the field. Or, I can use phantom to copy daedalus then immediately tribute it for neo daedalus, meaning I can use it's effect and still have a 2900 beatstick giving me the major upper position when my opponent has an empty field and hand (like they have just been hit by a chaos emperor dragon). Poison draw frog was kinda added just for lulz but I'm thinking of running more because its good for monster gate and if I use a neo-daedalus effect with a phantom of chaos on the field (leaving me with nothing but a 0/0 pice of uselessness) I would immediately get 1 card infront of my opponent.


This is my own original idea so I don't expect it to be that competetive but if you can see anything I can do with it please let me know!


N.B. For those who don't know, the correct print on ocean dragon lord neo daedlus should be prefaced with "This card can not be normal summoned or set. This card can not be special summoned except by tributing one face up "levia dragon daedalus" on your side of the field.

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