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The Last Day of School by Umbra


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I'm feeling a bit poetrish. Must be all the carbonmonoxide in the atmosphere.


Days passing by

like a running river

only one week left now

There's nothing one can do

Except making it through


The last day of school

the past has passed, the future lies ahead

Everything that have been must now be forgotten

Replaced with something else

Something new

Someone new


There's no one that can replace you

You'll be my one true love

I'll always remember you

When we have passed through

The Last Day of School...


Now the time has come

I must move on

move on with my life

But nothing ends the pain

When you're standing in a rain


You'll always be right here

In my dreams, in my thoughts

You'll always be my fear

that my old feelings come back

You'll always be a part of me


After the Last Day of School...


And if anyone recognizes the last verse from somewhere; Yes, I was listening to Figure 09 as I read that. And I know that this one is a lot worse than my other.

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Guest JoshIcy

Lol I like it alot ^_^, its great and touching. Great emotion and very vivid. A great poem all around :D


I see one possible bug, but ill only point it out if you ask.

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