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FFX cards - Aeons


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Dude, these aren't overpowered. Take Shiva, for example. You have to tribute two monsters to summon her, and she can only do real damage if she's equipped with a specific equip spell.


And any good player knows that needing a specific equip spell for a specific monster is usually hazardous. It's bad for the deck's flow.


So if anything, these are underpowered.

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Two things:


First, we already know what the equip spell lets the Aeon do, since it's written on the Aeon's card. Maybe give the Equip spells an alternative effect, to make it more worthwhile.


Example: Hellfire/Equip Spell/This card can only be equipped to "Aeon - Ifrit." When the equipped monster inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points, discard one random card from your opponent's hand.


That makes it more worth it to Sacrifice two monsters, find Ifrit's equip spell, and then destroy Ifrit by attacking directly. You may also consider having some equip spells raise the Aeon's ATK.


Second: There are plenty of places where you can find images of the Aeons using their Overdrives. You can go to Finalfantasy.wikia.com or even screen cap a youtube video of the overdrive and crop it. It will really improve your image quality.

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