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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Chronicles of the Forgotten Legends. Episode 3 up soon!


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Episode 1 *A Fresh Start*


Jay raised another Pepsi to his mouth and took several gulps. He then dropped another empty can only for it to join the many others decorating his bedroom. Jay lay on his bed. It was 8.00 am. Jay turned over onto his side and looked at his failing deck and Duel-Disk on his set of bedside drawers.


Jay: Wow, I need to sort myself out. (In a hoarse whisper)


Jay opened his drawers and searched through many cards and other things until he found a clean pair of boxers and socks. He got up and stretched his arms. In a few minutes he was fully dressed and ready for the day’s events. He quickly crammed his whole collection of Duel monsters cards into his bag and ran down the stairs to the kitchen, following the smell of mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon.


Jay sat down at the kitchen table and helped himself to a large plateful of brunch and wolfed it down in no more than a few minutes. After a good start to the day, Jay began to adjust his deck. A few weeks previously he had entered a competition and had reached the final and he was in the leading position 5 monsters to 1 and his opponent’s monster was a face down Princess of Tsurugi and he had 3 spells and traps but only 900 LP so he lost it. Every Duel since he had lost and become worse and worse at Duelling.


His previous deck had been a water deck which he had made himself but he could never play some of the cards right. He began by changing the staples.


Jay: Trap Hole, Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force, Call of the Haunted, Mystical Space Typhoon… (Under his breath)


Then he looked through the rest of his collection and spotted a card he had never seen before.


Jay: Volcanic Doomfire? Hmm, whatever. It sure looks good though!


He began searching through many other fripperies of Machines and Spellcasters until he found the rest of his Fire cards and made the perfect basis for a deck. A Volcanic Deck.


The day after, Jay decided that he would go outside and to the Duel centre and look at the events. Jay sat at the table preparing his Duel-Disk. A rap at the window diverted his attention. It was his best friends Skye, Rob, or Robot as he was sometimes called and Wolfie. Jay had known Wolfie since nursery and Skye and Jamie not so long after. They were known as ‘The Downtown Duellists’ and had won many competitions in tag Duels and regular ones. That’s where their Duel-Disks had come from.


Wolfie had always used Beasts and Insects and a few years ago there had been a Beast Competition with a grand prize of a beast Duel-Disk, covered in fur with spikes at the ends and recesses. Skye wasn’t really a girly girl but she Duelled with Winged-Beasts and Fairies it was a family tradition and her Duel-Disk, which had been passed down the family since Duelling began, was streamlined with feathers and had a luminescent glow when she Duelled. Robot’s Duel-Disk was mechanical as Robot Duelled with Machines. It looked a bit like a computer board; green with lines and wires everywhere, and had countless factors, components and functions.


In a way their Duel-Disks matched their personalities:

Skye was as pretty and elegant as an angel or a bird.

Wolfie was easily provoked and extremely defensive

Robot was smart and a genius who calculated probabilities in Duels and had never lost!


Wolfie: Open the door for us will yer?

Jay: Sure, Mum and Dad are out working in some Duelling place, something to do with learning how to Duel. (As he opened the door)

Skye: So what’s up with the long face and the pyjamas?

Robot: My analysis is that he’s still not himself since that Competition. You know the one with the ‘Ultimate Deck’ he always wanted just a few turns away.

Jay: Thanks for reopening a wound. (Grumpily)


Wolfie walked past Jay and opened the fridge looking for something to raid whilst Skye and Robot sat down in the living room with Jay.


Robot: Sitting here won’t heal your Duelling phobia. Oh, I see you have concocted a new deck. Well let us see how good it is. Duel me now.




Robot: 4000

Jay: 4000


Robot: Seeing as though I’m superior at Duelling I’ll let you go first.


Jay: Dream on!


Jay: Okay, draw! (Whilst drawing) Okay not bad, let’s do this thing.


Jay: To start, I play Graceful Charity draw 3 cards and discard a Volcanic Shell and Card Destruction, next, I summon Solar Flare Dragon in attack mode! (A long dragon, twisting and curling, appears and lights up the entire living room). Then I’ll set a face down. You’re up.


Robot: Initially, I draw. Next I Special Summon Cyber Dragon due to his effect which allows me to Special Summon him if you have a monster on the field and I don’t. Next I play the Spell Card Limiter Removal which doubles all Machine’s attack points for this turn only (Cyber Dragon’s attack raises to 4200). Cyber Dragon attack Solar Flare Dragon, Trident Blast!


Jay: Not so fast, I activate Firewall, now if you declare an attack I can negate it by removing from play one Pyro monster with 500 attack points or less from my graveyard, so I select Volcanic Shell.


Robot: Now Limiter Removal claims Cyber Dragon. (Cyber Dragon cracks into 100s of tiny pieces)


Jay: Now Solar Flare Dragon’s effect burns off 500 of your Life Points! (Robot drops to 3500). Draw! Activate Pot of Greed, 2 bonus cards. Summon Volcanic Rocket and get a Blaze Accelerator from my deck. I’ll activate that too. Now Volcanic Rocket and Solar Flare Dragon attack Robot’s Life Points directly! (Robot’s Life Points fall to 100). Now I'll set a face-down. You're up!


To be concluded...


New Characters!


Name: Skye Pegasus

Age: 15

Bio: Skye Pegasus' grandmother was married to Maximilian Pegasus. Shortly after there marriage her grandmother disappeared. Maximilian presumed her dead. Skye's main ambition in life is to delve into her grandmother's past and unearth her secrets. She used to tell Skye stories of Legends and Myths in bed. Skye, although well off, is loyal to her friends and duels with Fairies and Winged Beasts



Name: Jay Morale

Age: 14

Bio: Jay is the famous Doctor Morale's son. Jay's mother and father are both new teachers at Duel Academy unknown to Jay. Jay duels with any cards and constantly changes his deck. His duelling skills are untamed and wild but still hugely advanced. He duels with heart and soul, and knows the value of true friendship.



Name: "Wolfie" ?

Age: 15

Bio: Wolfie's parents died when he was a baby. He has run away from over a dozen different orphanages and for some years now has been living on his own. With the help of his friends Wolfie can now read, write and duel and uses Beasts and Insects in his deck. Wolfie will protect his friends although sometimes the aggression controls him.



Name: "Robot" Eisenstein

Age: 14

Bio: The son of Professor Eisenstein, Robot has learnt how to duel from his father and is now nearly a professional himself. Although expert in duelling and extremely analytic, sometimes Robot overlooks little details about heart, emotion and feeling. His intelligence is both his strength and his weakness


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Episode 2 *A Fresh Start No2*



Jay and Robot are duelling to try and get Jay to go to the Duelling Dojo.


Jay has full 4000 Life Points and a Solar Flare Dragon in Attack Mode (1500 ATK) and a Volcanic Rocket in Attack Mode (1900 ATK), a Blaze Accelerator and a Firewall face up on the field, a face-down card on the field, Card Destruction in the graveyard and Volcanic Shell removed from play.


Robot has 100 Life Points and no cards on the field and a Cyber Dragon and Limiter Removal in the Graveyard.


Skye: This ain’t looking good for Robot. He never does this badly unless he knows something we don’t.

Wolfie: I don’t know Jay looks like he knows what he’s doing. Wonder how he’s gonna get out of this one eh?


Robot: Draw Phase. I’ll Special Summon my second Cyber Dragon and activate Creature Swap; we both select a monster from our respective side of the field and I choose Cyber Dragon.


Jay: Well, thanks!? I select Solar Flare Dragon.


Robot: Now I sacrifice your Solar Flare Dragon to Normal Summon Jinzo! Now the effects of both your Firewall and any future trap cards are negated and Solar Flare Dragon is no longer on the field so I can take no damage. Next I’ll activate Future Fusio…


Jay: I’m going to have to stop you there as I activate Mystical Space Typhoon!


Robot: Okay, well I’ll guess I’ll just destroy Cyber Dragon. Go, Jinzo attack! (Cyber Dragon explodes) And you drop to 3700 Life Points!


Jay: Hmm he’s gaining an advantage, I’ll need to stop him. Okay lets play! Draw! First I’ll destroy my Blaze Accelerator to activate my Tri-Blaze Accelerator! Now I’ll activate Tri-Blaze Accelerator’s effect and discard one Volcanic Scattershot to destroy all monsters on your field and inflict 500 points of Direct Damage! That’s Game, Set and Match to me!


Robot: Congratulations. I see your spirits have been lifted. This was, of course, my aim, so I let you win.

Wolfie: Whatever.

Skye: You did sort of dig your own grave there.

Jay: Nice going anyway Robot. Didn’t you say you got some Ancient Gear cards a few days ago?

Robot: It was not wise to use them in those positions. Now get changed we’re going to the Duelling Dojo. We’re all leaving in five minutes. If you’re not ready, we’ll leave without you.


Jay dashed up the stairs and into his room when he felt a tingling from his thigh. His deck pocket was beating… He opened it and a fog of purple and red mist surrounded him.


???: Why did you not play me?

Jay: Excuse me, who exactly are you? Are you one of my cards?

Volcanic Doomfire: Yes, I am Volcanic Doomfire. Unless you haven’t noticed, I am your duel spirit. When you lost that competition and found me, the emotions surging through you passed through to me as you included me in your deck. A powerful bond has been made and it is not one so lightly dismissed. At the Duelling Dojo please use me. I have been asleep for many millennia and I wish to stretch my limbs.

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