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General Blackout's Cards

General Blackout

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Hello there, citizens of YCM! This is General Blackout speaking. I've only been here about a week, but I noticed that other people have threads where they can post their cards, and decided I wanted one too, so that I could get others' opinions on my cards. Any changes made to this format will be posted here.


Here's my first batch of cards. I think they are, for the most part, pretty balanced, though the quality isn't terribly high (what with the logo's in the images and whatnot). I'm also concerned that I may have overpowered Pariah Dark, and would enjoy some ideas on how to make him less overpowered. And note that some of the card effects refer to cards that I haven't created yet (Amulet of Aragon, Sam Manson, etc.), so there's no need to wonder if I haven't posted them yet or something.




























Here's the text for "Pariah Dark, the King of All Ghosts":


This monster can only be Ritual Summoned using the Ritual Spell Card, "Key in the Sarcophagus". You must also offer monsters whose level stars are equal to 10 or more as a tribute from the Field or your Hand.

During your Standby Phase, if Fright Knight is in your Graveyard or Out Of Play Zone, you may Special Summon it to the Field in face-up ATK Position.

Additionally, as long as Fright Knight is on the Field, this card cannot be destroyed in battle or by the effects of spell or trap cards.

As long as this card remains on the Field, you may, once per turn, summon a "Skeleton Token" (Ghost-Type/Dark/3 Stars/ATK 1000/DEF 1200) on your opponents' side of the Field in DEF position.

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