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Bleach Chronicles

The Dark Prince

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Now ever since Ichigo defected The Great Hollow. Now the Hollow are back and stronger then others Ichigo is not here to save everybody but 8 soul reapers from earth are there.




Earth Soul Reaper




Zanpakuto Name:

Banki Name:








Soul Reaper




Banki Name:(if you a captain)


Zanpakuto Name:






Name: Kai Hoshogan

Age: 16

Zanpakuto Name:Yoshamura

Ability:Turn into twin swords

Banki Name:ZroyoshamuraKan

Banki Ability: increase his speed and his sword become longer


Bio: Kai was attack by a hollow and a soul reaper saved him. Like ichigo he got his power from a soul reaper. He have the power of a full blood captain.

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Fire soul reaper.



(I take it reapers are supernatural, so I'll give him some extra years.)156

(What is a zanpakuta name?)

Ability is to create and manipulate fire, only when he is at full strength.

(Banki name?)

Banki?)Other ability is to burn to the touch and create warmth and singe all those who touch.

(I don't know how to post pictures.)

BIO(Please specify exactly what a reaper is? And if I've done it correctly so far and what a normal bio might be for one...)

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Name: Ryuzaki

Age: 16

Zanpakuto: Koziko

Banki name:Bakiru

Banki ability: his Defence increases



Bio: Just like Ichigo he has been able to see ghosts since he was young, his mom was killed by a hallow and was given the chance to be a soal reaper, then when he faced a strong hallow his hated let loose and he gained the mask of a hallow.

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1 thing, you should but characters into the 1st post..



Earth Soul Reaper


Name: Ingo Ukris

Age: 19

Zanpakuto Name: Teljak

Bankai Name: Lord Teljakep

Ability: That this sword goes invisible and appears when ever the controller(master) wants

Appearance: fcb078.png

Bio: He become a Soul Reaper when he was 15, But he has ability to see Souls of the dead since he was baby. His mother died when he was 4 in front of his eyes and since then he swear to himself that he will protect his family.

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Name: Gil

Age: 347

Zanpakuto Name: Zodo

Banki Name: Kyousei Kira-(Great Killer), Zodo

Banki: No one has seen Gil's Bankai

Ability: Jishin, Zodo(quake, Zodo) which is first Zanpakuto ability



Bio: Gil has always been one of the greatest soul reapers. He was once captain of the 8th squad in Soul Society, but he then resined and left soul society 200 years ago. Leaving everyone in an awkward state of mind, since they had no iformation on his Bankai, and barely his Shikai(First Release), but no one has seen him ever again. He wields a second blade that he would usually use before his Zanpakuto, its said that his 2nd blade has equal power to that of a Zanpokuto.

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Here a another one


Soul Reaper

Name: Tasha Yiki

Rank: Captain

Zanpakuto Name: Aishgour

Zanpakuto Ability: can ascend anywhere where you wish

Banki Name: AishZuroc

Banki Ability: Summon a powerful Dragon

Appearance: rain-1.jpg

Bio: Tasha is the captain of squad 4. His zanpakuto aishgour is a great and power weapon. His second in command is also powerful. His banki is powerful no one has seen it but his squad and Squad 7 captain.

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Last Name: Kusinagi

First Name: Takashi

Age when alive: 16

Age when Killed: 17

Age when entering the the Soul Society: 18

Age when Becoming a Shinigami: 100



He wears the squad 5 captain uniform.

Personality: Calm, smart, Honorable, Sense of Justice, selfless; he'll put his whole squad before himself.

Bio: Takashi was born in the dieing days of the Tokugouwa Shogunant. He was killed in a battle against an imperialist Samurai. He wandered the world as a soul for a year before being sent to the soul society by a shinigami. He then trained for 100 hundred years before becoming a Shinigami. Haveing proved his worth, he becomes the new Squad 5 Captain.






(Flying Embers)


Release command

Hi kami shourai! Hienmaru!

火神招来! 深紅色の炎!

(God of Fire, Answer my call! Hienmaru!)




First Form - Hienmaru appears as a man in his prime, adorned in a brilliantly colored scarlet kimono that was covered by a darker red haori. His face was slightly pale and stern, as well as his eyes, which the pupils were a fiery red, and his hair was semi long and glows a fiery red with what appears to be fiery flakes constantly falling out from it. His personality was always serious; he rarely talks with Takashi unless Takashi wishes to. He’s faithfully loyal to Takashi and helps him anyway he can.


Second Form – This is actually his true form. Hienmaru appears as a fiery Phoenix with thirteen tails.


Sealed form

Takashi zanpakuto is a 41in katana with a 27.5in blade, the tsuba gold and semi squared shaped and the tsuka is white with black wrapping, with a gold end at the tip, sheathed in a black sheath.




Takashi emits a scarlet colored reiatsu as he recites the release phrase. Fire spirals out of the cross guard and envelops the zanpakuto; burning for a few seconds before dispersing. The hilt now had no wrapping and was white with gold outlining; the cross guard was still semi squared and gold, but with the picture of a phoenix engraved on it. Tailing the hilt, are three scarlet red, 3 inch, diamond pattern ribbons. The blade remained the same, only with fire flowing out of it. It has a natural ability; anything (except metal) the blade cuts through, bursts into flames. Takashi’s strength determines the intensity of the flame.

First Ability

Takashi can use this ability while he releases his zanpakuto. Takashi swings his zanpakuto in any way; out of the blade emerges an enormous stream of fire with the head of a phoenix. It whips around and is sent flying right into the target.

Second Ability


Jigoku bakuhatsu


Infernal Eruption

Takashi twirls is zanpakuto with both his hands as he says, “Jigoku…” Takashi then finishes the recite before thrusting his zanpakuto into the ground; creating a circle around the enemy. Seconds later, the ground beneath the target crumbles, and then erupts with a pillar of fire.




Third Ability

Jigoku arashi


Infernal Tempest

Takashi holds his Zanpakuto out above his head. As Takashi makes a 360 degree fiery circle in front of him as he recites, “Jigoku…” He then retracts his zanpakuto. Fire envelopes the blade as he finishes the phrase and pierces the center of the fiery circle. An enormous blast of fire shoots out from the circle, incinerating everything in its path. Using this attack puts stress on Takashi and must rest before using it again.




Daiguren Hienmaru


Upon release, Takashi sprouts wings of fire and a fiery phoenix tail. This increases his attacks dramatically and enables him to fly.

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