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My 2000th POST!!!Presenting 1 written card turned real


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Post Count:This is my 2000th post since I joined YCM on 21/3.I feel so proud that I made it this far in 2-3 months' time.Anyway,here is my card.



When this card is Summoned,toss a coin.

-Heads:Special Summon any number of "Arcana Force" monsters from your graveyard. (The "Heads" effect would be applied to them)If a monster you control is destroyed,all monsters you control are destroyed.

-Tails:Send every card on the field & in both players' hands to the graveyard.Then,both players must Special Summon 1 monster from their respective graveyard & they must attack each other.(Any Battle Damage from this battle is treated as 0.) The player whose monster remains alone on the field at the End Phase of this turn wins the Duel. Any other case results in a DRAW.

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