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Hello' date=' I like yu-gi-oh a lot! My brother on these forums is cardmaker6, and if you better not mess with him or you will have to face me!




Cool, you like your brother. I hate my brother. XD Nah not really, maybe a little sometimes. Anyway, welcome to the boards. Read the rules and PM me if there's anything you need help with.


PS: I met your bother, he's really cool. ^_^

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really? no.. I have more posts and reputation. :P

But he'll soon catch up...and I will cry


(He's mad he lost.)


so yah' date=' just ask ME or Glasstin [b']or God Splice[/b]. :P Glasstin helps the members of YCM. :D


yeah hunter...^ Q4E


oh and at any time: PM me ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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