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Duel Academy, Shadow riders reappear Chapter 1


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Jaden’s Field: Elemental Hero Neos


????’s field: 2 face downs.


????: Darn, I’ve hardly got any points left.


Jaden: Well, what did you expect. You challenged a pro.


????: 400


Jaden: 4000


????: This isn’t over yet you know.


Jaden: You think so huh.


????: I know it cause I play cyber enforcer.


Cyber enforcer:1200 atk, 300 def.


Jaden: are you kidding me Neos has 2500 atk, your monster is way too weak.


????: You think so huh, well try factoring in his special power with it, When he’s out on his own on my field no monster with atk points greater than his own can attack so long as I pay 100 points per turn he’s out. Now take this, I play cyber confrontation. When I play this card I get 1 monster with “Cyber” in its name from my deck so...


Zeo’s mom: Zeo, ZEEEEOOOOOO


Zeo: Heh I’m gonna win right here and now. Heh,heh,heh


Zeo’s Mom: If You don’t get up now I’ll leave without you.


Zeo: Huh, wha... AHH, what 10 o’clock huh mom why didn’t you wake

me up?!


Zeo’s mom: I tried but you wouldn’t wake up. I’ve waited as long as I can, You got 30 minutes. If you are not ready by then I’m leaving.


Zeo: Okay, Okay I’m nearly ready just wait a minute. I just need to get my close on.


Zeo got dressed and went down stairs and out the door. When his mom got in and started the engine.


Zeo’s mom: So, you all set. You’ll be gone for a whole year.


Zeo: Yeah Mom I’m set.


Zeo’s mom: Alright. Though I don’t see why your going. I mean don’t you learn best on your own.


Zeo: Well I’ve been thinking on that, I think I’ll just go there for a year and see if I’ll be alright there. And thanks for giving me my special card. I don’t think anyone will beat it.


Zeo’s mom: Well I overheard your friends saying your nickname. Cyber Zeo Of light. Quite thought out so I thought that card would fit.


The car stopped.


Zeo: Alright see ya after the exam.


Zeo’s mom: yeah see you later.

And she drove off.


Receptionist: Name?


Zeo: Zeo Agarame


Receptionist: Ah, Your right on time, though your cutting it close.


????: Don’t forget about me!


Zeo and receptionist: hmm?


????: Heh I wasn’t gonna let you go on your own Zeo.


Zeo: Andrew You made it.


Receptionist: Andrew, Andrew ahh here we go. Andrew Yumasha right.


Andrew: Yeah.


Receptionist: You ARE late by about 10 minutes but will see if we can get you in.


Andrew: sweet.


Zeo : Hair: Light blue

Dress: Light blue shirt with a light grey jacket, blue jeans.

Deck: Cyber buster

Andrew: Hair: Light brown

Dress: Black shirt, brown pants

Deck: Pyro burn.

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I made that up off of the spot. Also check this out the deck of the protagonist (Zeo) is based off of my newly created cards though he only has up to the lvl 5 card. I am making more, also the monster summoned by Zeo i have not created yet. This closly follows how yugioh gx started, hence the partiner (andrew) had been late (Like jaden). so heres where I got the dea for Zeo's deck. Ultima Cyber comes after he gains his first loss of a friend to a shadow rider, also more characters to be made.



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Zeo's deck: Monsters:10

Cyber Dragon x2

Cyber Esper x1

Cyber Enforcer x1

Cyber Phenix x1

Cyber Laser Dragon x1

Cyber Barrier Dragon x1

Perfect Cyber Dragon x3

Fusions: 1

Perfect Twin Dragon: 2200 atk/1000 def. Ability: once per turn negate the effect of a monster, spell, or trap effect targeting this card. x1


Power Bond x2

Cyber Blast x3

Polymerization x3

Mist Body x3

Fusion Gate x3

Fusion sage x3

Different Demension Capsule x3

Future Fusion x3

Photon Generator Unit x1

Traps: 8

Attack Reflector Unit x1

Cyber Reverse x3

Dark Field devostation x1

Trap Hole x3


Andrews Deck: Monsters: 18

Volcanic Shell x3

Volcanic Scattershot x3

Volcanic Doomfire x1

Solar Flare Dragon x3

Barrier Statue Of the Inferno x1

Volcanic Rat x3

Volcanic Slicer x2

Volcanic Hammerer x2

Magic: 10

Blaze Accellerator x3

Tri-Blaze Accellerator x3

Wild Fire x2

Soul of Fire x2

Trap: 12

Fire Trap x3

Fire Wall x3

Volcanic Armour x3

Volcanic Force x3



40 cards each deck.

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