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Friday Night Smackdown!

June 20, 2008


A New Superstar


This week's show was one of the most intense shows in the past year. The return of a superstar, the debut of a superstar, and the leaving of a superstar, all in one night. That's something that doesn't happen often.


Mr. McMahon started the show with a huge announcement. The chairman of the board told the all the people watching the show, and all the fans at the show that in two weeks, a superstar will be returning to the WWE. Vince didn't want to reveal the superstar, but he didn't have choice because the superstar made his way to the ring two weeks early. The fans saw a wrestler that they hadn't seen for over two years. The one and only Goldberg!


As the fan-favorite made his way down to the ring, he received a standing ovation. Once Goldberg got into the ring, Vince told him to leave because he didn't want anything to ruin the match that he had planned. However, the chairman ended up on the ground after a Spear from Goldberg. So much for listening to the boss. Goldberg told the fans that he was glad to be back, and that he wouldn't be staying for a long time. He plans on staying in the WWE for one month. What kind of impact will Goldberg make on Smackdown?


Just because someone has potential, that doesn't mean that person is going to win everything. That's a lesson that Smackdown! fans learned this week. In his debut match, Mike Taylor took on the fighting Irishman, Finlay. Although some of Mike's moves were impressive, he was no challenge for Finlay, who defeated the newcomer with the Celtic Cross. Was Mike's first loss a sign of bad luck?


Smackdown's General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that her husband Edge would take on Matt Hardy next week on Smackdown! in a Street Fight. If Matt manages to win the match, he will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks. This could be Matt's chance to win the World Title for the first time in his career.


In a match that lasted less than a minute, The Big Show defeated Kurt Hawkins. He then announced that he wanted a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. It's not likely that Edge will accept his challenge, but The Big Show wants an answer by next week.


Mr. McMahon came out near the end of the show to make another announcement. He said that he was tired of Vickie helping Edge win all of his matches, and he wanted that to stop. He told Vickie that she had to put Edge in a World Championship Match that night, or both Edge and Vickie would be fired.


There was no way she could stop the match, so Vickie decided to make the match as easy as possible. Vickie decided that Edge would defend his World Championship against Funaki. Just as Edge was about to pick up the victory, Goldberg made his way to the ring, and delivered a devastating Spear to the Champion. Edge won the match by disqualification, but Goldberg definitely sent a message to Edge. Vickie told Kurt Hawkins and Zach Rider to go in the ring and fight Goldberg, but they refused. Without any help, can Edge defeat Goldberg?

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