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well on the last day of school 5 girls fought over who could be my girlfreind and one girl almost broke the other girls leg but none of them relised that i have a girlfreind already when i told them.my grilfreind almost got killed she wont talk to me now because she thinks im seeing someone else.the 5 girls are at each other's throats

and now this gay guy[no offense to anyone that is gay] comes and yells to the girls that he's my boyfreind:shock:.now the 5 girls,my gf,and some gay guy are fighting over me. my gf wont talk to me.

5 girls are trying to kill me and each other. my bff thinks im gay[once again no offense].everyone hates my guts. no one will talk to me.

tell me what to do and was it my best or worst day ever hmm

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Well, I would try to tell the situation to my girlfriend first. After I had explained it to her, I would approach the gay (no offence) guy and tell him I'm not like that (no offence). Then I would attempt to approach each one of the 5 girls seperately, and tell them no, or whatever you feel you should tell them. People are always more reasonable/easier to communicate with individually. And if you already tried something similiar to this, then I have no clue what you should do.


EDIT: I didn't know you were 11. The person who posted above me is right, you don't really need a girlfriend at your age.

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yur 11

if you ask me' date=' you shouldnt be havin a gf at yur age



your kidding me right I had a gf when i was in the first grade dude


theres no point in having one at that you ng in age >_>


sure there is it always good to have some one to care about course only my current gf is the only one I ever cared about................

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