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Super Smash Bros. Series cards (more always coming)


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I'm trying to post all the Characters and Items from all the games ever to appear in Smash Bros. Feel free to download and print as many as you would like... If you have any good pictures, please send them to me: [email protected]

EDIT: Sorry guys, the PC where I am is Windows 98, so it doesn't let me put pictures sometimes. Sorry! When I get to my other computer, I'll put good pics.


Diddy Kong: fkqyc3.jpg



Lucario: xd9raw.jpg


Meta Knight: 2v1vngh.jpg


Pokémon Trainer: 5ds751.jpg


Snake: nzr8mg.jpg


Wario: 54yxhi.jpg


Zero Suit Samus: i24juv.jpg


EDIT: Posted onto Tinypic.

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