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Exodia Deck

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-.- I've never actually made one of these in real life (Can't get Exodia). But I made this on YVD and tested it out a few times. It seems to work alright, but it could use improvement.


[align=center]Monsters (20)


Exodia the Forbidden One

Left Arm of the Forbidden One

Left Leg of the Forbidden One

Right Arm of the Forbidden One

Right Leg of the Forbidden One

Armageddon Knight x3


Cyber Valley x3

Dimensional Alchemist x2

Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord x2


Spirit Reaper

Big Eye x2[/align]


[align=center]Spell Cards ( 8 )


Foolish Burial x2

Dark Factory of Mass Production x3

Allure of Darkness x2

Monster Reincarnation[/align]



[align=center]Trap Cards (14)


Compulsory Evacuation Device x3

Spirit Barrier x3

Backup Soldier x2

Dark Eruption x3

Dark Bribe x3 [/align]


Fixes and rates very welcome.

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Messenger probably wouldn't fit too well in here. I'm already relying on cards like Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon, as well as Spirit Barrier if I have to. Maybe I should include more indestructible monsters...but I could try messenger, at least.


Anyway, thank you for the rate! ^^

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Shinobi lets it's controller draw 1 card when it is targeted by an attack while it is face-up and in Attack Position. The advantage is that if it is targeted and you respond with Mirror Force or something like that, you still get to draw the card. The disadvantage is the requirement for Attack Position, and the fact that it only has 400 ATK.

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Yeah, running three of them could allow for SOME focus on the card, but since the overall idea here is getting Exodia in the grave/Using Exodius, Shinobi isn't an excellent idea when I think about it.


Maybe a separate Exodia deck that puts more focus on Shinobi...

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I like that as well. You are another one of the coolest members ive met on YCm. May I add you to my buds list? Also, if you decide to run a separate on shinobi, it may require alot of support im guessing? Any ideas how to support it? (excluding Spirit barrier, mist body)


*EDIT* My last post for the evening. Its 3:00 A.M. Where my mom is, and morning here. So, after I get to bed for about 10 hours, I'll be back. Check my CP if you are curious as to where I am

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^^ I would be happy to be on your buddy list.


Hmm...supporting Shinobi. I guess Heart Of Clear Water works as well as Mist body, but those 6 equip spells are useless without the monster to equip them, so we need ways of drawing Shinobi to the hand quickly - Sangan is obvious. I'd say Mystic Tomato, but unless you're suiciding it with an opponent's monster, then it would Special Summon Shinobi on your opponent's turn, which doesn't leave you an opportunity for equipping it.


Gravity Bind, obviously, and Sakuretsu/Mirror Force. Cat of Ill Omen to grab the defending Trap cards as well as Spirit Barriers. Limit Reverse too.


And the rest, I suppose, would be up to the builder's imagination! ^_^


But ya know, thinking about it, the whole concept is already falling apart. If you've got Shinobi equipped with Mist Body and have Spirit Barrier out, who's going to attack it? That eliminates the whole effect, since he can't do anything unless he's targeted with an attack. You'd need like, bait monsters while having Call of the Earthbound face-down. -_- There goes that idea.

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Swords and Nightmare Steel Cage are definite conciderations! ^^


The deck's primary focus is drawing Exodia to the hand by dumping it in the graveyard and then using hand return cards. Exodius supports this theme because he can place Exodia pieces in the graveyard - I can use this to win OR I can use it simply to dump Exodia pieces since Exodius can always be destroyed, unfortunately.


Whoever decided the deck FAILS without the Mantiloop is ignorant. You strike me as the type who uses the same combos for every deck type. I don't need the mantiloop to succeed, geeze.


o_O And uh...why exactly would I need infinite cards?!

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No, this is not a stall deck. I already explained the concept. The purpose is to drop Exodia from the deck and then bring the pieces back to my hand. Or, if I'm allowed to by my opponent, use Exodius to do the job instead.


RacecaR: Spirit Reaper is limited to one per deck, and I already have that one in there. Read the Ban list.

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