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The Old Haunted Mill


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Monsters, Level 5 or higher (5)

3x Il Blud

2x Red-Eyes Undead Dragon


Monsters, Level 4 or lower (16)

3x Mezuki

1x Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

3x Pyramid Turtle

3x Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

3x Zombie Master

3x Zombiecarrier


Spells (13)

2x Allure

3x Book of Life

2x Burial from D.D.

2x Foolish

1x Premature

3x Undead World


Traps (6)

2x Sakuretsu Armor

3x Dark Bribe

1x Mirror Force


Extra Deck: (3)

3x Deskaiser Dragon



Main purpose of this deck is to get out 2 or 3 Bone Towers, and keep the opponent milling their deck. Undead World is there for Deskaiser, Molten Zombie, Disk Commander, and REUD.

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This deck appeals to me greatly. o.o I wish some of those were in English...


9/10 Because frankly' date=' no deck can ever get a 10/10 because there is no such thing as a perfect deck.



They're either in Structure 15 or in Crossroads of Chaos, two things we won't see in English for long...


Thanks for the rating, both of you.

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