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My Beast/Beast-Warrior deck (Need help fixing)

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Lunar Eclipse


36 Cards all together ( need some more )

Normal Monster Cards

[3]Gene-Warped Warwolf

[2]Great Angus

[2]Mad Dog of Darkness

[2]Wolf Axwielder


Effect Monsters

[2]Chiron the Mage

[2]Forest Wolf

[2]Guard Dog

[2]Pitch-Black Warwolf

[1]Twinheaded Beast


Ritual Monsters



Spell Cards

[1]Heavy Storm

[1]Monster Reborn

[1]Mystical Moon

[1]Mystical Space Typhoon

[2]Path to Destiny

[1]Poison Fangs

[1]Synthesis Spell

[1]The Big March of Animals

[1]Wild Nature's Release



[2]Hidden Book of Spell

[1]Magic Cylinder

[1]Mirror Force

[1]Royal Decree

[1]Shadow Spell

[1]Trap Jammer

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