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my first ever synchro card and synchro related cards

hells son

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Synchro monsters are placed in the "Extra Deck" (new name for Fusion Deck). They can only be Synchro Summoned with a Tuner monster. By sending The Tuner monster and enough other cards on the field to the Graveyard whose Level equals the Synchro monster's Level, you can perform the Synchro Summon.


For example, "Fusia - Guardian Of The Sea" is a Level 8 monster. "Fusia" is a Level 4. So by sending the Tuner monster "Fusia" to the Graveyard, along with another Level 4 monster (or Level 3 and 1, or 2 and 2, whatever), you can then Synchro Summon "Fusia - Guardian Of The Sea."


That said, I give your Synchro monster 3/5. Some OCG errors, but namely, the fact that your Spell card says to Special summon a Synchro monster from your hand.

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