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Dragon ball AF episode 1 Heroes return


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EPISODE 1: A Hero’s Return


*The episode starts out at Goku’s and Chi-Chi’s house with Chi-Chi, Gohan, Videl, Pan, Goten and Valese all having dinner together*


GOHAN: wow mom, Videl, you really outclassed yourselves, this meal is delicious !


CHI-CHI: oh thanks Gohan, but I barely see you these days, so I wanted to make a special meal to celebrate that everyone is here together.


GOHAN: yeah, but it feels so…so weird. You know, it’s just not complete without dad. Always that empty spot at the dinner table where he used to be.


CHI-CHI: yeah, I miss him so much too Gohan, I can’t believe it’s 5 years ago that he left with Shenron. It feels like an eternity since he’s gone…. (starts to cry).


GOTEN: if only he were here. Oh dad, why did you have to go ?


*Then the gang suddenly hears a noise, as if someone was knocking on the front door*


PAN: what do you guys suppose that could be ?


CHI-CHI: did one of you guys invite someone over ?


GOHAN: not me !


GOTEN, VIDEL & VALESE: not us either !


PAN: so, then who could it be ?


*Again, the same noise is heard*


CHI-CHI: oh Gohan, could you open the door please ?


GOHAN: sure thing mom !


*Gohan opens the door, and to his shock….*


STRANGER: hey son !!


GOHAN: but, you left…. it can’t be you !!!! BUT IT IS !!


*”Stranger” steps into the light*


THE GANG: IT’S GOKU !!!!!!! And he’s grown up again !


GOKU: wow, it took you so long to notice that ?


CHI-CHI: I can’t believe what I’m seeing, it really IS you !


GOKU: yeah, I was watching you guys have dinner and a I realised something then…


GOHAN: eh, what do you mean dad ? You were watching us have dinner ?


GOKU: well *grabs roaring stomach* THE FOOD OVER THERE IN OTHER WORLD IS HORRIBLE !!! No, really, King Kai’s cooking is not what it used to be, sheesh.


PAN: GRANDPA !!!!! You’re really back !


GOKU: hey Pan, wow you have grown up in these years haven’t you ? Just look at you, you’re almost a woman now !


CHI-CHI: here you go hun, you’re meal !


GOKU: oh yummy ! Wow that was about time, I completely forgot how good of a cook you were Chi-Chi !


*After Goku gobbled up 20 plates of “proper food”*


GOKU: wah, that was delicious Chi-Chi !!!


CHI-CHI: oh thanks hun, but tell me, why did you really came back from Other World ?


GOKU: ok, I’ll explain, here goes. So 5 years ago I left with Shenron, and went to Other World, forever staying there, with the Dragonballs.


GOHAN: speaking of which, what happened to those ?


GOKU: somehow I absorbed them into my body, intending to stay there for all eternity.


GOTEN: so, you are some sort of a God now dad ?


GOKU: well, I was given the choice to be immortal or not by Shenron. If he would have also been absorbed into my body, I have would have lived for all eternity. But what good is that when you can’t be with the ones you love ?


CHI-CHI: I thought you would be gone for good !!


GOKU: so did I Chi-Chi, so did I…

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