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Whose thinking is flawed? Mine, or Pojo's?

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Guest Chaos Pudding

Pojo seems to think that, just because a card with the effect, "When a card is Special Summoned, do X" might be created, that warrants a Limiting of Manticore even in a non-CoSR environment. I say that their reasoning is flawed because

1. There is just as equal, if not greater, chance that such a card will never be created and

2. In the mean time, you are limiting deck construction unnecessarily.


EDIT: After Atem told me to stop being stupid, I've decided to get rid of the last bit.

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Idk' date=' maybe Manticore should be limited, but not for that reason. The reason it should be limited is CoSR.



You're obviously not thinking this through far enough; you assume too much about the cards that Manticore is related to, you assume that those cards themselves should be unharmed.

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