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People are being pressured by the media every day. They tell you to `fit in with the group' by buying their products. People are exiling different people from groups because they are not like them. People become popular by being their stereotype, being generic. The same is with these cards.


Generic Cards cause each card to basically be the same, eventually reaching out to your opponent's cards and eliminating their variety, too. By removing high level monsters in the graveyard from play to activate the Generic spell cards, it represents them being outcast from society for being different. There are two types of Generic monsters, Generic Dark and Generic Light.


And that pretty much sums up my idea for Generic monsters. Here they are, they aren't finished yet, though. Right now I'm working on the Generic Dark.


Spells (Not Finished)





Monsters (Not Finished)



Traps (None at the Moment)




Images by wolfberserker.

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Did you take the URL of the page and place it in between 2 IMG tags? The way to do it is:


1) Make the card.

2) Click on it.

3) Copy and paster the code that appears beneath it.


That's the normal way. If not, get an account on Photobucket, save the cards onto your computer, and copy the pics to Photobucket. Then, use the IMG codes they provide.

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