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->> How to holo a card (GIMP) <<-

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OK, I have searched and didn't see one about this so here is a tut of how to holo a card with the paint program GIMP.



Step one: Open GIMP

Step two: Open up your card

Step three: Open up your holo sheet, I will not provide!

Step four: Use the Rectangular Select Tool, and on the holo sheet make a rectangle with the dementions 244x248

Step five: Copy the area selected, and paste in other your card, over lap it with the card's picture, BUT LEAVE THE FLOATING LINES THAT LOOK LIKE ANTS!!!

Step six: Go to Dialogs>Layers

Step seven: In the Layers box, click the thing that says "Floating Selection (pasted Layer)"

Step eight: Set the Opacity to 20.0, but you can make it what you want

Step nine: Close Layers box, and save your card.




You should have a card that looks like this...


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Guest KAJN

Completely wrong. You know that holographic effects is just for parts. Making it all won't be hologram so try reading tuts about rendering.

Anyway I'll give 6/10 because there's no screenshots and I'm being nice because it's your first. ^-^

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