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laughing at beckett

which list fails?  

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  1. 1. which list fails?

    • they all fail
    • #1 fails
    • #2 fails
    • #3 fails
    • none of them fail

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beckett has completely failed


3 top 10 lists they had in the may/june issue (our staples are bold)


1. grandmaster of the six samurai

2. il blud

3. light and darkness dragon

4. kycoo the ghost destroyer

5. raiza the storm monarch

6. mirror force

7. elemental hero chaos neos

8. soul taker

9. great shogun shien

10. elemental hero neos alius


1. DH-dogma

2. clock tower prison

3. draining shield

4. DH- doom lord

5. robbin' goblin

6. different dimension capsule

7. chain disappearance

8. destiny mirage

9. D-counter

10.DH- captain tenacious


and the beckett top 10

1. destiny draw

2. card trooper

3. DH-malicious

4. grandmaster of the six samurai

5. metiel, sage of the sky

6. NS-grand mole

7. dark magician of chaos

8. il blud

9. necroface

10. DAD

HM. DD scout plane


who else agrees these lists all fail?

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Faillita! Faillita! (I don't know if that's Spanish or not)



no' date=' that ain't spanish... it kinda sort of italian-english lingo...



in spanish: fail = fallar (verb); failure = fallo



lol. It just sounds funny. It's a mixture of "fail" and "fajita" (I hope nobody says that word wrong in public places) ...

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Guest PikaPerson01

i don't get it... what are those list for??




"People's lists" isn't really a specific enough answer. The editor's personal picks? A list created by readers? Something else? etc etc

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