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Battery Deck (Tournament Winner o.o ) - EDITED


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I was amazed. Seriously, seriously amazed. xD I thought these kinds of decks were supposed to be for fun, but I ended up clearing out a whole tournament of players with it! It actually won! And I don't WIN tournaments very often. Like, top 6 or even 10 usually.


Anyway, here we are (EDITED):


[align=center]Monsters (16)


Batteryman AA x3

Marauding Captain x3

Batteryman Micro Cell x3

Batteryman Charger x3

Betteryman Industrial Strength x2

Guardian Of Order x2[/align]


[align=center]Spell Cards (18 )


Battery Charger x3

Quick Charger x2

Short Circuit x3

Monster Gate x2

Lightning Vortex x2

Inferno Reckless Summon x3

Heavy Storm

Trade In x2[/align]


[align=center]Trap Cards (6)


Portable Battery Pack x2

Solemn Judgment x2

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force[/align]


This edited build is a much better fit. Still ridiculously easy to OTK. I'd say it's finished!

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lol its weird your not running batteries right, wich means you must havebeen up against bad players seriously






3 Batteryman-Industrial Type

3 Guardian of Order

1 the creator

3 batteryman charger

3 Batteryman AA

3 Batteryman Micro-Cell

3 maurading captain

1 the fool


2 rota

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

1 Premature Burial

3 Inferno Reckless Summon

3 Battery Charger

3 short circuit

3 card of safe return

3 trade in


1 torrential tribute

2 Portable Battery Pack

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-_- Constructive criticism is welcome, not blatant insult. Don't make assumptions of the players I was up against based on your opinion of the deck. This deck does a fine job of flooding and killing very quickly, and I don't need you telling me to just rebuild it.

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-___- What would be the point in that???


The calculator doesn't support the theme. I can't special summon it with any of the Battery Supporting cards. All it has is Thunder-type, which can power up Batteryman Charger, and that is no reason to include it. It does NOT belong in the deck.

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Well, I certainly don't.


tonisanoob: I understand how the combo works. My point was that I don't need it. I tried to go for at least SOME originality here. I prefer to think of my own methods rather than copy previously used combos. That's not to say I never do, but I always try to modify it at least a little when I do.


Tell me, what is the bloody point of posting decks if you're expected to just copy something everyone else already knows of, or else it equals PHAIL?


you said that


i now say this


i liek origonality as well the batteryman deck i posted is the combined knowlage of all my firends and me, it isnt som carbon copy meta deck its quinqe and its pwns i was only trying to help by showing you a better alternative


and if you dont belive me look at the decks in my sig none are meta but they all pwn and they are all unique(well my macro monarch deck is kinda carbon copy, but its soo carbon copy its unique as its the pefect base build for a mm deck)

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Very well then. I'll respect that you were just trying to show me an alternative. Perhaps next time, however, you could double check your phrasing - I'm sure you understand by now that it sounded to me like you were just putting my deck down.


However, I will respectfully say that while I will refer to your alternative for maybe a few changes, I am still overall satisfied with my build.

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Actually ton' date=' this deck is better than yours, albeit both are meh. But still.


@Deck Poster,


-1 Dragon

-2 Zaborg


+1 Batteryman Charger

+2 GoO



xD Yes, Zaborg was for giggles. He doesn't matter to this deck at all, so I'll drop him. And as for Voltech, he was meh from the beginning- just used him to support the theme. Seems like a good idea to ditch him for GoO anyway ^_^


@ Tonisanoob: What would you suggest removing for Marauding Captains? Also, I believe you about Micro Cell's non-ability to be chained with Inferno, but could you explain to me why? I'm having difficulty understanding that o.O

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ah mcells effect activates during the damage step during the damage step you can only activate s/t that change atk or def


thus you cant play toorential tribute to say mother grizzys effect




i hope i helped


also for mauadings...batteryman d sucks bawls :)

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Aha, you're right - I remember reading that Inferno can't activate during the damage step.


Hmmm, that's where I'm torn. Batteryman D does NOTHING for my offensive power, but he provided nice defense at the beginning of the duel in several of 'em. Plus, he supports Short Circuit. But then again, Marauding captain provides some of his own defensive abilities. -___- Can't decide.

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Just making sure, if you manually flip Micro Cell yourself, so that he Special Summons outside of the Damage Step, you can chain IRS to it, right? I'm pretty sure that's a yes, but I like to double-check these things. I mean, I can' think of any reason why not. =p

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