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my advanced format deck six samrai

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the six samurai - irou x3

the six samurai - yaichi x2

the six samurai - zanji x2

the six samurai - kamon x2

the six samurai - nisashi x2

spirit of the six samurai x2

shien's footsoldier

great shogun shien x3

enishi, shein's chancellor


mage power

double summon x2

reinforcement of the army x2

shien's castle of mist x2

the a. forces x2

the warrior returning alive

lightning vortex

my body as a shield

monster reborn

the six samurai united

legendary ebon stead


magic cylinder

dimensional prison

negate attack

divine wrath

magic jammer

royal decree



that makes it a 40 card deck i need suggestions on how to improve please help me make my deck better

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you're doing it wrong.

-1 Irou

-1 footsoldier

-1 steed

-1 warrior returning

-1 enishi

-1 my body as a shield

-1 mage power

-2 shien's castle

- all of the traps

-1 the A forces

+3 grandmasters

+2 six samurai united

+1 mirror force

+1 united we stand

+1 Yaichi

+1 Zanji

+3 reasoning

+3 solemn judgment

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