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Hellfire Army (Please lock/delete (will not be continuing))

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This is my first actual set that I'm putting a lot of work into.

The theme is now "Hellfire."


I'm gonna start with monsters, then add spells and traps. It will be basically massive direct damage and double-inflictions.

Comments, ratings, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

(Just no vulgarity, spamming, etc., you know the drill.)



Here's the first and second of spell and trap cards

And the new Hellfire castle

Keep the repairs comin.








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Ya, my ocg stinks, but its better than others.

Working to get better pics, but to hoodat, its how dey uploaded, on my comp. they look great.

Working on fixing effects.

And if possible, could someone tell me exactly what stinkin words to capaitalize and which to not!!!

They freakin change it every time a new pack comes out!!!

Thanx Every1!!!

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The TDR, is about right, except that it should, instead of "its ATK becomes 3600", it should read, "...increase the ATK of this card by 2400."


Not "attacks", it is "battles".


The "new" effect shouldn't be in qoutes.

The Transistion to the new effect, you forgot to capitalize the first letter in the sentence.


It should read "When this card battles an Effect Monster, change the effect of this card to the following:"

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