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Black Thunder Dragon


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Agreed. The border that you added to the second one kinda takes away from the awesome picture.


Nice card.

As for the effect, you might want to fix it a bit:

- Since you can't destroy face-down WATER monsters because their Attributes are considered unknown (unless you have them flipped face-up with the effect), you might want to adjust the text accordingly.

- If by "electric" you meant "Thunder," then you could update to text to:

This card gains 500 ATK for every Dragon-Type and Thunder-Type monster on the field.

- The ATK is more of a nit-picky thing for me, so feel free to ignore this part - I'd, at the very least, reduce it to 4000, since its effect gives it an auto 500-ATK boost for being a Dragon-Type. Personally, I'd set the Original ATK to 3000 or 3500. Again, feel free to ignore that part.


Regardless of all that, though, I like it. Good stuff, it is. ^_^

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