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Miso - Zone Hunter (CAUTION - VERY LONG EFFECT!!!)

Ultimate Ryan

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(holo by simplicity ninja)


Once per turn during your Battle Phase you can move this card to an adjacent Card Zone, apply the appropriate effect depending on the Card Zone this card is in.

Monster Card Zone - When this card destroys a monster, this card can attack once again in a row if your opponent controls a monster with higher ATK in the same column as this card.

Spell & Trap Card Zone - This card is treated as a Continuous Spell Card. Once per turn move 1 "Zone" monster to any Card Zone on your side of the field.

Graveyard - Add this card to your hand

Deck - Add this card to your hand. Draw 1 card.

Extra Deck - Discard 1 "Zone" monster from your hand to the Graveyard. Special Summon 1 monster from your Extra Deck. Send this card to the Graveyard.

Field Spell Card Zone - This card is treated as a Field Spell Card. All "Zone" monsters gain 400 ATK and DEF. If this card is destroyed, place it face-down in your Graveyard.



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Guest PikaPerson01

No no, I think I get it.


The effect can only be activated during the battle phase, and it only works if she's moved their by her own effect.


I think the comma is... weird. It's unnecessary in... grammatical sense, but if you add a period, then it loses everything you meant it to mean and could become broken.

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