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Rina's Cards [The "O" Cards]

Rina Kasakura

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Here's the "O" section of my alphabetized archive.


I did not create any of the card art found in my cards.

Also, Netrep.net created(?) the "Image Not Available" pic. I'm just using it.



[spoiler=Old Kingdom]4650zt5.jpg






[spoiler=Overburst Guantlet]4650yv2.jpg



[spoiler=Overburst Magician]4650qr7.jpg






(More cards to be added as they are created.)

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Guest PikaPerson01

I don't get "Old Kingdom". Does it include any monster with the word "Knight" in it? (Jack's Knight. Gaia the Fierce Knight, Armageddon Knight, Zure, Knight of Dark World, etc etc)


Because I think while some cards have the word Knight in TCG, they do not have it in OCG.

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.... That's a good point.

It does work the way you explained it, but... yeah, I hadn't even considered the OCG versions of the cards. The TCG was all I was concerned about at the time. But you're right: the cards need to work on both sides.



.... ...Nnn~. I don't want to make it into a general Warrior support card, though.

LIGHT Warrior limits it too much; EARTH or DARK Warrior might be a tad powerful. Any other Attribute would be a waste of time.



What do you guys think I should do?

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