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Injection Fairy Tan-Tan


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Proper OCG:

When this card battles a monster, you can pay 1000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this card by 2000 points during Damge Calculation only. If you activate this effect, this card is destroyed during the End Phase. When this card is destroyed by battle, you may add 1 "Injection Fairy Lily" from your Deck to your hand.

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Name = 6/10: Pretty unique, I guess. Though, it doesn't suit the card image overly.

Image = 3/10: Not something you would expect to see on a Yugioh Card. Also, the small segment of text in the bottom right hand corner deteriorates the realism.

Effect = 7/10: I see OCG errors, but Dark Pride put you right there. Besides that, its well thought out.

OCG / Grammar = 3/10: As I said, I see OCG errors; could be better.

Uniqueness = 6/10: As stated, the card is pretty unique, though the image lowers this rating.

Overall = 25/50: Exactly 50%. Therefore, the card isn't bad. But, it could be improved. I hope to see more from you in future. ;)


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