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to start this rp you have tell me u enter and what character with a base set of moves it hes not in brawl so iknow what he attacks with


we will start at the federation ship where medriod prime is and move on




Captian falcon

master cheif attacks: B= SMG burst B>= punch A>=Spartan Laser

A/\= grenade


just like that u dont need to do all the moves just some so iknow


Captain Falcon


falcon was test racing he was tring to better his time he was on his favorite track port town areo dive

and as he was comeing around the corner a wierd hole opend he cold not stop he slid in and he was a weird ship now and he had no clue what it was he seched a bit then a space pirate came across the corner and started shooting him falcon retreated to another corner then pulled out his pistol and wend around the corner and shot him acouple of times the space pirate fell falcon thought to himself *where am I*

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