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Long Ago A The First Pokemon came. It had great power. But its power soon got out of control creating an egg. Inside this egg lay two Pokemon. Years after they hatched they had so much power they created another egg which had three Pokemon. After they hatched the Pokemon unleashed their power to create the Universe.


Chapter 1 The Journey Begins


Lucas: Well looks like today is the day I start my journey.

(Lucas walks down stairs.)

Mom: Hi Lucas!

Lucas: Hi.

Mom: So have you decided what Pokemon you should start with?

Lucas: No, I can't decide. Chimicar looks strong but they say Piplup last evolved form is good as well as for Turtwig's.

Mom: Well you better have some breakfast.




Lucas: See Ya!

(Lucas walks out of the house and go's to his friend Markus's house.)

Lucas: Hey Markus!

Markus: Hey! I heard about there being a Red Gyrados in the lake. Lets go check it out.

Lucas: I guess.

(They go to Lake Verity. There they see to people standing there: a young girl and an old man.)

Rowan: There is something mysterious about this lake. The Lake has a cavern in the middle of it like Lake Acuity and Lake Valor. I have to study it.

(Professor Rowan and the girl go to the exit. Rowan leaves his suitcase in the long patches of grass.)

Rowan: Excuse me.

(Lucas and Markus step aside and Rowan and the girl leave.)

Marcus: Look a suitcase!

Lucas: It's in the long patches of grass that's where Pokemon appear alot.

Marcus: Don't be a scardey cat lets take a look.

(They go to the suitcase and open it and see three Pokeballs.)

Markus: Look, Pokeballs!

(Starly come charging at them.)

Lucas: What The! Starly! We better use those Pokemon in the balls to get 'em away!

Markus: Good Idea!

(They both grab a Pokeball and throw it. Out of Markus's Pokeball is a Turtwig and out of Lucas's Pokeball is a Piplup. )

Lucas: Piplup, use pound!

(Piplup pounds the Starly.)

Starly: Starly! Starly!

(Starly pecks Piplup.)

Markus: Turtwig, use tackle!

(Turtwig tackles the Starly. Starly pecks Turtwig.)

Turtwig: Turtwig!

Lucas: Piplup, use pound!

(Piplup pounds Starly and Starly faints.)

Markus: Turtwig, use tackle!

(Turtwig tackles Starly and Starly faints. Turtwig and Starly go back in their Pokeballs.)

Markus: Your Piplup was awsome! but of course my Turtwig was way better.

Lucas: We better get to Sandgem Town to give back the Pokemon.

Markus: Come on, I want to spend a little more time with this Pokemon but I'll do it. See Ya!

(Markus runs toward the exit.)

Lucas: Looks like I better go to.

(Lucas goes to Route 201.)




Lucas: Well here's Sandgem Town and there is the lab.

(Lucas walks in to the lab.)

Lucas: I was back at the lake earlier and you forgot your suitcase and the Pokeballs.

Rowan: Well, your friend told me about it and he said that you have the suitcase.

Lucas: Here it is.

(Lucas gives Rowan the suitcase.)

Rowan: May I see the Piplup for a second?

Lucas: Sure.

(Lucas sends out Piplup.)

Rowan: Hmmm... Piplup seems to have bonded with you so I let you keep him.

(Piplup goes back in his Pokeball.)

Lucas: Thanks.

Lucas leaves the lab.


Chapter 2

Coming Soon!!!!

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