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Dragon ball FT episodes


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Episode 1 Saga : Frieza and cooler

Frieza and coolers return

vegeta: where is kakorot i will have my revenge on him


Gohan: i dont know vegeta lets focus and find out


Trunks : hey guys


Goten h hi trunks


Roshi : Is that u goku

Goku: sure is hows it going guys


Gohan father look out


Goku urgh


frieza : ahahahhahahahah



cooler hahahahhaha


piccolo : what frieza cooler but how


Frieza & cooler : we were brought back by the namek dragon balls



What will Happen next find out on the next episode of Dragon ball FT




episode 2 friezas new technique


Vegeta : frieza you will die ahahhahahahah


frieza hahhahahahha < Instant rapid beam fire transform >




goku vegeta no why you frieza


gohan : what frieza cooler why u


Piccolo Special beam cannon

Cooler caught it ahhahahahah


Piccolo These guys could be trouble


Back in the lookout Krillin & yamacha are traning


Dende krillin Yamacha stop can u two fuse


Krillin & yamacha : we will try


Krillin and yamacha : Fusion HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


krilcha : lets do this


dende : do it now krilcha


Krilcha : hey we can go super saiyan in this form


So krilcha flys off to the battle field but can he beat the might of cooler and frieza find out on the next Dragon ball FT




episode 3 krilchas new fusion technique



Vegeta: COme on kakarot we can do this argh


Goten & trunks : goes ssj2


Goku goes ssj3


Vegeta Goes ssj2



Gohan i Cant handle this goes ssj4


goten goes ss3


Trunks what Your a ssj5 but how


Goten : Goes ssj5


Krilcha woah your a ssj5 cool but i can go to ssj6


Super Ghost discs



Ghost #1 : hey cooler Destructo disc ha


Ghost 2 : Kamahamaha


cooler argh it cant be


After the might of goten and krilcha cooler was destroyed


frieza : OH no im leaving

goku Vegeta : oh no u dont fusion ha goes SSJ6


With goku and vegeta fused Frieza was destroyed


piccolo : is it really over


Goku: yes piccolo now plz give everyone a senzu bean


Vegeta i Hate when im forced to have these





somewhere in space The evil dark villan Xicors brother Trixon and his henchmen find out there plan next time on dragon ball ft






episode 4 Trikons Arrival


Rike : lord trikon which planet is it


Trikon Planet earth we head for


Rike of course my lord


Back on earth goku is now training for his next challange yet does he know that trikon is on his way to earth


mean while at the lookout


piccolo: what is that power it so powerful


Rike well if it isnt piccolo Trike Cannon HA


Trikon : hello piccolo u will DIe !!!!


piccolo special beam cannon fire !!!!!!!!!


trikon : hahahahhaahha im imortal u fool


GOhan : hey whats that goten


GOten huh holy god we better get to the look out trunks come on lets go


Trunks ok lets go


As gohan and the rest of the gang fly up to the lookout Trikon is Holding capture piccolo and the guardian can anyone stop them find out on the next episode of dragon ball FT






episode 5 trikons dark secret of the sayian goten


trikon : I know something u dont sayians hahahahah


gohan whats that trikon



Goten yeah


gohan Well



Trikon explains the story of the sayian race and the ultimate sayian was not goku or vegeta it is in fact u gohan ur special powers can supass me so u now know the secret of the sayian race



gohan: what but why am i so special




goten yeah





well you may be strong but someone is stronger than all of you including u gohan and that sayian who could kill me is goten hahahahahhah




while goten powers up gohan is still trying to destroy rike can goten unlock his secret power find out on the next Dragon ball FT



gohan : well ok we will see about that you ready to fight


trikon of course after u beat rike


rike special gun blast


gohan argh


Goten :hahahhaha Super sonic wave






episode 6 Gotens Secret power trikons End

goten ha


goku whats this


gohan :its goten dad


GOten :Super saiyan Final blow H




Rike : nono





what no way why u trike cannon blast




Super legendary wave HAHhahahahahahhahahah




Krilcha no way whoa


Vegito no way


and finally the world was relived from the grasped of trikon



goten : well we better train for the world tournament it starts in 2 months


the world tournament starts in 2 months can they prepare for the tournament find out next time on Dragon ball FT




episode 7 training for the tournament


Back at the lookout krillin and yamcha have defused and begin their training with dende and mr popo



Mean while down on earth goku and the others train



vegeta : Train harder trunks otherwise you wont win the tournament


Trunks sure dad


goten KAMAHAMAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Goku kamahamaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gohan Masenko HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


goku blocks both attacks instant transmission kamahamaha!!!!!!!!!!


the world tournament starts in 2 days have the others finished their training find out next time on Dragon ball TF



ep 8 Tournament training comes to an end


At the lookout yamcha and krillin have finished their training for the event



Yamcha : i will win this tournament for sure


Krillin : not if u cant get past me


Yamcha ill beat u krillin


back down at earth


goku and the others prepare



as goten is at the other world training with the old kai


goku and vegeta start their training


vegeta kakorot u wont beat me clown


Goku We will see about that HAAAAAAAAAAAA goes ssj2


Next time on Dragon ball FT the tournament starts c u next time on Dragon ball FT

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